inventor Of COVID Jab: “These Are Fundamentally Evil Policies That Are Harming Children”

Robert himself, the inventor of the mRNA COVID shot, spoke sincerely about the corrupted patterns the government is imposing, that are hurting innocent children the most!

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He added that he was “bloody well pissed off.”

Though Malone says he is not “right-wing,” he is still speaking out against COVID-19 jabs and policies.

“My wife and I are Central Coast Californians by birth and youth, and we actually come from slightly centre-left on the political spectrum,” he told WND. “But I’ve got to say, what we’ve observed live the last two years has completely changed our point of view on politics in the United States. And the thing is, I’m seeing that all across the country.”

Malone is particularly disturbed by the government inserting itself into the affairs of the family with lockdowns and school shutdowns, which he says are causing damage that is “deep and profound and will last for decades.”

“Evil can sometimes be intentional, and sometimes it’s unintentional, but right now what we’re seeing happening with our children is fundamentally evil,” he warned. “It’s just a question in my mind to what extent it’s been intentional. And I hope it hasn’t been.”

He continued.

“I’m pretty sure what I’m seeing is a major political realignment starting to grow in the United States, and really worldwide, and it’s like a wakeup call,” he explained, adding this is about the rights of the individual and the fundamental freedom of speech that this country was founded on.

“This is scrambling politics,” Malone said of the pandemic, before predicting a “major sea change in the 2022 midterms.”

Such a brilliant mind, a true altruist that tried to help humanity, is disgusted by the filth the government is putting all over his previous work.

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