INTERVIEW: Trump Made The Party More Inclusive!

Former Press Secretary of the White House, and apparently, the freshest blood in the Fox News family, praised President Trump for making the Republican party a more inclusive place.

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“I think one thing that needs to be said, though, is that he has grown this party in a way that I think members of the Republican Party should recognize,” she stated on Fox News, in the show “The Faulkner Focus,” where she made her first appearance as a part of the Fox News family.

As we’ve already seen on numerous occasions, she never talks anything if she hasn’t investigated quite thoroughly. She continued with her statement regarding this fact.

“He got the highest percentage of the black vote of any Republican candidate running for national office in 20 years, the highest percentage of the Hispanic vote of any Republican running for office in 16 years,” McEnany said. “He has made this party more inclusive, more expansive, more welcoming.”

“Everything he said strikes at the very heart I think as to what made this movement pro-family, pro-worker. He changed the Republican Party forever, there’s no doubt,” McEnany concluded.

She replied that by her calculations and opinion, there was an “income of Republican voters” because President Trump really offered economic hope and equal opportunities.

The former press secretary said there were new Republican voters “because he offered economic hope and opportunity.”

What’s your personal opinion and reason for supporting President Trump?


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