International Court Should Investigate US For Racism

Attorney General Keith Ellison (D) of Minnesota said he supports foreign courts looking at the US justice system to see if it is systemically discriminatory.

“(I)f we have nothing to hide, we shouldn’t think about what the international community might find,” Ellison, the former Democratic Party deputy chairman, said on MSNBC last Tuesday during the broadcast of “The ReidOut.”

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When speaking with Ellison, MSNBC host Joy Reid said, “The International Criminal Court is looking at the American criminal justice system and its prosecution of African Americans in particular and suggesting that it may be crimes against humanity.” “This really may be something that the international community should look at further in terms of whether there is systematic violence, even torture, and in short, extreme deprivation of physical liberty, persecution, and cruel actions generally by American law enforcement,” she continued. Do you accept that such a question should be asked?”

“I believe it would be prudent for the United States criminal justice system to open itself up,” Ellison responded in the affirmative. He said that in the past, the “international community” pushed America to practice more “social justice.” “It’s widely assumed that the Cold War and Cold War competition helped drive some of the Civil Rights movement as the United States was trying to tell the rest of the world and the emerging decolonized world, hey, join us, we’re on the side of democracy,” Ellison said, adding that people from those other countries were able to tell America, “(W)ait a minute, I can’t buy a cup of coffee in America,” among other things.

This type of global change, according to Ellison, can only benefit America.

“It can only make us better,” Ellison concluded, “and I think a little bit of modesty toward the rest of the world, knowing the world’s eyes are on us is important.”


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