INFINITE PANDEMIC: Several Countries Announce Indefinite “Booster” Shots, Lockdowns, and Covid Compliance… It Will Only Come to an End if We RESIST Medical Tyranny

Along with an increase in new “cases,” infections, and hospitalizations among the completely vaccinated, Israel has announced that it would begin promoting a fourth covid injection, which it claims will achieve what the third shot — and the first two shots — failed to: the elimination of covid.

Of course, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity.

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Given that their forefathers were marched into Zyklon B extermination camps under nearly identical demands for obedience to authority, how obedient will the Israeli people be? Around 80% of Israelis support the vaccine holocaust, oblivious to the fact that they are exterminating themselves as part of a globalist depopulation strategy. (This is referred to as “auto-antisemitism.”)

But Israel isn’t the only country announcing an epidemic that will never stop. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews appears to have proclaimed that unvaccinated persons will be denied access to hospitals, doctors, and health care services in Australia, which now has the world’s most ridiculous medical dictatorship.

In the United States, bioweapons mastermind Anthony Fauci is advocating for unending booster doses, possibly every five or six months.

Those who were duped into complying with the first requirement of two shots to be considered “completely vaccinated” are now trapped in a vaccine trap from which there is no way out. The consequences of compliance are rapidly looking like suicide as each booster dose weakens its immune response. And the most dutiful vaccine recipients are putting themselves at great danger of mortality from future varieties or outbreaks… which appears to be the aim of it all.

Unless the people of the globe peacefully rise up and reject authoritarian foolishness, they will be subjected to an endless medical police state disguised as a pandemic, which will continue to murder people as fully vaccinated persons create and shed extremely dangerous virus variations. As you can expect, all blame will be thrown on the unvaccinated, who will be used as scapegoats for the use of biological weapons to depopulate the world.

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In my Situation Update podcast, I compare Dr. Kerry Chant, Australia’s health minister, to the Urukai (high-level orcs or something) who emerged from Isengard’s mud pits. And, Bashi, Daniel Andrews looks much like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

Darth Vader, the Empire, Jedi warriors, and a lightsaber duel between forces of good and evil are all mentioned today. Enjoy!

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