Indigenous Man Carried His Father Through The Jungle To Vaccinate Him! The Father Died A Couple Of Weeks Later!

If you live in the forest without television, WIFI, internet, and cell phone, you don’t have to get the vaccine against C-19 because there isn’t a way to catch it! But, even the Indigenous tribes who live in the world’s most remote zones are targets of the new world order.

One photo from a 24-year-old Tawy carried his father (67) Wahu on his back to get the C-19 vaccine in the Brazilian Amazon went viral!

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Tawy and Wahu belong to the Zo’e indigenous community “live in relative isolation across dozens of village in an area equivalent to 1.2 million football fields in the northern Pará state” and “had to walk for hours through the forest to reach the vaccination site,” BBC reported.

Wahu suffered from chronic urinary problems and a loss of vision.

“It was a very beautiful demonstration of the lovely relationship between them,” Dr. Erik Jenning Simões, the owner of the photo, stated.

The journey didn’t help Wahu and his ailing health.

The photograph shows the tyrannical effort to depopulate vaccinate 100% of the global population represents “a symbol of the complicated vaccination logistics in one of the most remote areas,” and added, “In September,

“Wahu died for reasons that remain unclear. Tawy remains with his family and has recently taken his third vaccine dose.”

According to research by Info Tracker, approximately 10,000 Brazilians died from C-19 after getting two doses of the vaccine or one dose of Johnson and Johnson.

To vaccinate the Indigenous, nurses travel with small planes for hours and navigate through complex waterways on small boats!

Indigenous vaccination was a priority for the health team but an unfeasible task because of their villages’ isolation. Healthcare workers resorted to setting up huts in the forest, and the vaccination system was “agreed with the communities through radio,” Dr. Simões stated.

“We’ve adopted practices that respect and take into account the culture and knowledge of the Zo’é people,” he said.

When the nurses appeared in hazmat suits, the indigenous community didn’t want to get the vaccines. But in the tribal community was persuaded to comply by the experts.

“Some feared they were being used as test subjects for broader vaccination campaigns among non-Indigenous peoples” and “worried it would let the devil into their bodies,” the publication notes, while others asked, “if they could be injected with the vaccine imported from India because they thought this meant it had been produced by Indigenous people,” Waldir Bittencourt, stated for NBC News.

Nearly 30% of Brazil’s population refused to get the vaccination.

Healthcare workers and anthropologists blamed Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for their hesitation. He constantly changed his mind about the C-19 vaccine efficacy.

They feared that the shots become “a recent phenomenon among Indigenous peoples, stemming from the polarization surrounding the vaccine.”

Bolsonaro was infected with the virus one year ago, and he referred to it as the slight flu. He clarified that he didn’t intend to get the vaccine and told the others that they shouldn’t get them too.

Bolsonaro stated that Brazilians would never be guinea pigs.

The president has mocked the absurdity of maintaining experimental gene therapy, stating that there isn’t a legal recourse if women grow beards or men’s voices are high-pitched from the shot.

Indigenous communities don’t participate in modern society, and their livelihood still relies on hunting and gathering.

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