India’s Government confirms the “Indian Variant” does NOT exist

What you’re seeing on TV and reading in the newspaper about a supposed “Indian Covid version” is nothing more than misinformation and lies designed to keep the majority of citizens in the United Kingdom fearful since March 2020. You are being duped, and thanks to India’s government, we can prove it.

India’s “Ministry of Health and Family Welfare” issued a statement on May 12, 2021, stating that “WHO has not associated the word “Indian Variant” with B.1.617, now listed as Variant of Concern.”

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The sentence was as follows:

The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified B.1.617 as a variant of global concern, according to many media reports. The coronavirus strain B.1.617 has been dubbed a “Indian Variant” in some of these studies.

These media reports are based on nothing and are untrue.

This is to explain that in its 32-page paper, WHO does not equate the word “Indian Strain” with the coronavirus variant B.1.617.

In reality, the term “Indian” was not used in its investigation report.

So, why is it that the ‘Indian Version,’ a Covid-19 variant, is the subject of every headline in the UK news media right now?

What evidence do we have for this? Since India’s government has gone a step further and issued a cease and desist order to all social media sites, demanding that all material that mentions, refers to, or suggests the “Indian Variant” of coronavirus be removed from their platforms immediately.

The complete statement is as follows:

To those on social media:

This invites reference to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s advisory dated 20.03.2020 and 07.05.2021 about the suppression of fake news / disinformation about the corona virus on social media platforms.

2.It has come to our attention that an online statement claiming that a “Indian version” of the corona virus is spreading across countries is being circulated. This is a total fabrication. The World Health Organization has not cited any Covid-19 version as such in its scientific literature (WHO). In none of WHO’s papers, the word “Indian Strain” has been linked to the coronavirus variant B.1.617.

3. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare explained this on May 12, 2021 in a press release available at https://pib.gov.in/PressReleasePage.aspx?PRID=1717876.


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