In the Run-up to the Lindell Symposium, an Expert Cyber Team CONFIRMS that Votes Can be Tampered With from Abroad

On Frank Speech, the entire symposium will be broadcast live.

Lindell has given a number of films in which he believes that President Trump’s 2020 election was stolen from him, and that the method used to steal the election was carried out offshore on voting systems in critical swing states.

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Today, we have shocking evidence that the US electoral machines may be tampered with from abroad. An elite cyber team has demonstrated that you can manipulate votes in US electoral systems from abroad, so changing election results. To hide their operations, the crew was even able to change the dates of data entries made in a location in Asia.

This team demonstrates that votes may be manipulated from afar. But there’s a lot more to this story.

We must first clarify a few points. An individual fills out a ballot at the local library or another type of polling location to begin the election process. After a voter selects votes, the ballots are entered into tabulation devices. At the conclusion of the day, all of the votes cast in that place are tallied, and a printout from the machine as well as memory cards containing the results are created. These results are transported to a different site, such as the county seat, where they are combined in an EMS machine. This is where an election-related attack takes place.

It’s also worth noting that the EMS devices feature network cards and server modems, allowing them to connect to the Internet. This makes it possible to make modifications here over the Internet.

This is also why people who steal elections don’t want to look at the hard copies of the outcomes — the ballots. The voting machines have no functionality that prevents ballots from being tabulated several times, as happened in Fulton County, Georgia on Election Night. As a result, electoral fraud is more likely to occur on a local level. Tabulators can be programmed at the machine level, and in most situations, election locations are administered by individuals rather than the state.

Recounts of the ballots at the affected areas could reveal any electoral fraud performed using EMS devices. This is why the audit conducted in Arizona is so crucial. The forensic audit identifies any machine changes or forcing the same ballots through the tabulation machines many times. The Maricopa audit results in Arizona are expected to confirm this.

Even though it has been established that votes may be manipulated in locations across the United States from abroad, proving this requires forensic audits. This is due to the concept of ‘chain of custody.’

Individual packets connected to vote modifications in the United States that were initiated from outside the country would have to be protected, and any movement or changes in custody of this data would have to be managed. Maintaining this at a level that could be utilized in a court of law would be nearly impossible. This is the final test for Absolute Proof.

In conclusion, votes in US elections can be manipulated from afar. Without a forensic examination of all the ballots in an election, this is nearly impossible to detect. It’s nearly impossible to maintain a proper chain of custody of data packets related to a foreign electoral hack. As a result, the 2020 election was most likely rigged.

It’s worth noting that this group of cyber professionals says that the data used by Mike Lindell to certify Absolute Proof is faulty, in part because it was provided by Dennis Montgomery, a notorious fraudster. We previously reported on this.

The group also has worries about the election with Mary Fanning, Executive Producer of Lindell’s entire series, and others.

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