In Queens, New York, a “Law and Order” Actor Has Been Charged With Murder

Actor from “Law & Order” Wow, talk about “art” becoming “reality”… This is one of those heightened moments. The irony is out of this world!

Do you recall the TV show “Law & Order”? Who can forget how that “gavel” sounded? Isn’t that what you’re thinking about right now?

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As it turns out, one of the show’s actors was just charged with murder in Queens, New York.

According to police officials, the actor’s name is Isaiah Stokes, and he shot his victim 11 times. It was all caught on security tape.

Whoops. It sounds like something out of a “Law & Order” episode. In Queens, New York, a man has been charged with murder.

Isaiah Stokes, an actor who has starred on Law & Order and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, was indicted on Friday, according to Breitbart, for allegedly shooting a man in broad daylight in Queens, New York, in February.

Tyrone Jones, 37, was ambushed while sitting in his jeep in the Jamaica neighborhood, and police say Isaiah Stokes, 41, shot him nearly a dozen times.

Stokes was charged with second-degree murder and possession of a firearm.

The following is a report from the New York Post about the development:

According to authorities, surveillance footage shows the actor exiting a car near the junction of Linden Boulevard and 200th Street, approaching the driver’s side window of a parked white Jeep Grand Cherokee, and firing 11 bullets.

Jones, who lived about a mile and a half away, was pronounced dead by emergency personnel.

Prosecutors did not elaborate on what they believe led to the murder. Stokes is due back in court on Monday, when he faces a sentence of 25 years to life in jail if convicted.


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