In Cobb County Georgia, About 7,700 Ballots Are Missing From The Tabulation Record

Hundreds of thousands of ballots in Georgia have been missing chain of custody evidence for months, according to the Gateway Pundit.

Officials from the state of Georgia returned and later denied the number of ballots with the missing chain of custody.

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Kandiss Taylor, a Georgia elections activist, reported last week that she and a team of audit volunteers uncovered that over 168,922 early advanced ballots in Cobb County alone have no chain of custody.

Kandiss provided another piece of the puzzle on Tuesday:

Printing the tabulation tapes from each ballot scanner is part of the allowed procedure for closing a precinct for advanced early voting or election day voting. These scanners are used by voters to scan their votes that have been produced by the ballot marking device (BMD). The total number of votes cast from scanned ballots by all voters in that precinct is recorded on these tabulator tapes from the ballot scanner. The tabulator tapes are the sole legal record of our votes cast, and the Superior Court in each county has asked for them to be kept safe.

After the ballot scanner is closed, the tapes must be transmitted to the Clerk of the Superior Court as quickly as feasible. The information that is electronically sent through the voting system is reflected on these tabulator tapes, which are a hardcopy source document of the computer memory card.
These tapes, together with the memory cards, are utilized in the process of certifying an election at the county level, as well as how the Secretary of State certifies, which leads to the Governor’s formal certification. The Cobb County Elections Director, on the other hand, has failed to provide the auditing team with the missing tabulation tapes from two advanced voting precincts that corroborate the election certification results.


Totals from two tabulator tapes from two different voting precincts are missing.

When examining and comparing the tabulation tapes, the Cobb County Election Summary Report indicates 7,319 missing votes from advance voting but not the 386 votes missing on election day, for a total of 7,705 missing votes in the county. When asked about the missing votes, the Director of Elections couldn’t find the information on the tabulator tapes on the Secretary of State’s website, so he had to call in a Dominion technician to open the central tabulation server at the Cobb County office and extract the missing vote total. However, when presented to the audit group, that material was insufficient and lacked critical information from the tabulation tapes.

Also, this is not a replacement for the official tabulator’s overall vote count. The director’s chain of custody in this process throws into question the legitimacy of the missing 7,705 ballots.

The prior discovery of 168,922 ballots missing from the chain of custody and 7,705 ballots missing from the tabulation tapes reveals that normal election procedures are not being followed in jurisdictions like Cobb County.
Without these records, this election should not have been certified.

The margin of victory in Georgia was less than 12,000 votes.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was aware of the problems, but lied when he said that Georgia “had safe, secure, and honest elections.”

Georgia was a veritable hotbed of electoral fraud.

If you want complete forensic audits in Georgia, like they did in Arizona, call your senators right once and demand action!


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