In an Alarming Video, Arnold Stuns Americans by Going Full “COVID Communist”

I was infected with COVID.


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I was sick for months the first time, and then a year later I had a really, extremely mild case that felt a lot like Mono.

COVID is 100 % real, in my opinion. Believe me when I say that I went through a few months of torture with a virus that was quite “strange.” It was unlike anything I’d ever felt before, and I’m still dealing with the aftereffects: heart palpitations, numbness, and a recurring eye twitch from hell.

So, sure, it’s true, and if I were wearing a tinfoil hat, I’d say it was released as a biological weapon to force Trump out of office and kick-start the “Great Reset”…

However, I would never do something that bizarre.

Despite all of this, I remain a big believer in “vax choice.” If you believe you are in a “danger” group for whatever reason – age, fat, illness, etc. – I believe you should receive the vaccine. I also believe it’s entirely understandable why you don’t want the vax if you’ve had COVID or if you’re healthy and have avoided it thus far.

Did you know that if you type in the following into Google: Is it true that experiencing the flu strengthens your immune system?

The response is that getting the virus can confer considerably stronger immunity than any flu vaccination.

The best immunity is always natural immunity. That is the so-called “science.”

And as we delve more into this quagmire, we’re seeing all kinds of things.

Even yet, a large portion of the public has been brainwashed with so much fear and misinformation (on both sides) that hysteria has taken hold and rational thought has been cast aside.

And this crazy dread is driving people insane – just look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, who just delivered a terrifying “COVID Commie” diatribe, basically saying, “screw your freedoms” to anyone who doesn’t want to inject this serum into their body for whatever personal reason they have.

This is the kind of thing that gives me the creeps.

The following is a link to a video:

The type of frenzied reaction people are having to this virus is the most frightening aspect about it.

The truth is that COVID does exist. Yes, it can cause havoc for some people, but the vast majority of people manage to get through it just fine, and many don’t even realize they’ve had it.

The difference between those who died “WITH” COVID and those who died “FROM” COVID is a significant one that no one ever mentions.

A person can die of cancer while suffering from a cold. That suggests they perished “WITH” a cold rather than “AFTER” a cold.

Does that make sense?

These figures are vastly different, and when viewed objectively, they put the infection into much better perspective.

It is incorrect to state that “600,000 people died from COVID.” That isn’t “science,” and it isn’t what occurred.

The 600,000 figure includes deaths from COVID, but the media and Dr. Fauci won’t tell you that…

and you must inquire as to why this is thus…

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Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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