In An Aggressive Call, Cuomo Threatens Dem Lawmaker To Destroy Him

The state Gov. Andrew Cuomo threatened to destroy a New York state legislator. This event happened on Thursday, last week, through an aggressive phone call. This call came after the disclosure hidden by the administration of Cuomo from lawmakers the scope of a death toll of assisted living residents who died from coronavirus.

As New York Post reported, in the beginning, everything was silent. The question: ‘’Mr. Kim are you an honorable man?’’ followed.

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Both Kim and Cuomo asked him to make a statement saying that Melissa DeRosa explained there has been a federal investigation so that was their priority.

DeRosa is a secretary to the governor. She told the Democratic legislators that one day ago, the administration of Cuomo locked up the numbers because they were frightened by the investigation.

Kim was among the first ones who attacked the Cuomo administration for making a fraud. According to him, they are responsible for the deaths of 13,000 nursing home residents.

Kim was very angry because his uncle was among the residents.

After this, assemblyman confessed, Cuomo threatened Kim. Cuomo‘s stayed quiet for months.

The verbal argument continued, and Kim said to Cuomo that everyone will know what an evil person he is, that is going to be his end.

’You will be destroyed’’- Cuomo said to Kim, and his wife heard that, too.

Furthermore, Kim stated to CNN.

‘’Gov. Cuomo called me directly on Thursday to threaten my career if I didn’t cover up for Melissa De Rosa and what she said. He tried to pressure me to issue a statement, and it was a very traumatizing experience.’’- Kim stated.

The thing that scared Kim the most was the words the Governor said. They are in this situation together, and he hasn’t seen his wrath, so Kim will be destroyed.

The reason why Kim’s frightened is because he hasn’t had such an experience before. No one has talked to him that way.

During their conversation Cuomo provoked Kim to say some inappropriate words, he humiliated him, but Kim stayed calm and restrained.

While the media briefing took place, Cuomo accused Kim of flip-flopping on 2015 law regulating nail salons because in his section the businesses got upset.

Cuomo stated:

‘’He used his lobbying firm to lobby on behalf of the business owners. Then raised money from those business owners ad continues to do so.’’ He continued expressing his opinion, saying it maybe is legal, but it isn’t ethical.

Furthermore, a senior advisor to Cuomo, Rick Azzopardi, refused all accusations that Kim imposed, declared Fox News.

Kim is lying. He was one of the three people present in the room while the phone call. No threats were present, Kim is lying, which confirms his anger towards the administration.

Azzopardi added:

‘’We did ask for Mr. Kim to do the honorable thing and put out a truthful statement after he told the Governor he was misquoted in a news article, which he said he tried to correct but the reporter refused.’’

What is the causer of this argument?

On January 28, the number of dead nursing residents by COVID-19 was 8,711. Only one day later, on January 29, Howard Zucker shared 12,743 assisted living residents died as a consequence of coronavirus infection.

Moreover, last week these numbers continued to increase up to 13,297 and 15,049.

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