In a Shocking Tweet, Actress Rose McGowan Said That She Was “With” her Husband in a Hotel Room

By speaking out against the Texas abortion law, a desperate Hillary Clinton has thrust herself back into the spotlight.

Hillary never misses an opportunity to get back into the middle of things.

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However, this time it backfired in her face, as “Charmed” actress Rose McGown went after her due to an uncontrollable desire for continual attention.

She also delivered a surprise on Hillary.

Rose revealed to the world that she was once in a hotel room with Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill Clinton.

The entire message was caustic from top to bottom, ripping Hillary to shreds. McGowan then informs Hillary about the hotel room and Bill Clinton, before concluding the tweet with an enigmatic and ambiguous line.

Rose was responding to a story on Hillary’s comments on the new abortion laws, and she tagged Hillary in her tweet to make her point.

Rose wrote on Twitter, “@HillaryClinton, You serve the forces of evil as a shadow leader. You are opposed to all that is good, right, and moral. You don’t have a flag, a country, or a soul. You consume hope and warp people’s brains. I was in a hotel room with your spouse when the bomb went off.”

The tweet’s conclusion is perplexing, but Rose appears to have more information on the way.

When I went to her Twitter page, someone accused her of hurling stones, and she responded as follows:

“Do you believe I’m a stone thrower?” I don’t drop bombs, b*tch.”

Yes, I believe she has more to say.

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