Important Witness Comes Forward And Talks About “WH Notes” For Trump in 2016

The mystery of the “Nasty Notes” has been solved at long last.

If you remember, when President Trump took office in January 2017, he and other members of his team said that Obama’s team had left them “nasty notes.”

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Of course, the media behaved as if that was a lie, accusing Trump of fabricating information.

However, it was right.

And it was Dave Chappelle, of all people, who cracked the code.

He was at the White House just a few days before Obama departed, and he saw who wrote the letters.

Comedian Dave Chappelle claims that “dirty notes” were left for former President Donald Trump’s incoming team in 2017 by celebrities, not Obama staffers.

According to The Wrap, Trump administration officials say former President Barack Obama’s aides left “taunting messages” in the White House to welcome Trump in 2019.

What exactly are the specifics?
Chappelle, who starred on model Naomi Campbell’s YouTube series “No Filter with Naomi,” said he saw celebrities writing scathing letters to Trump’s incoming team.

The actor, who was at one of the Obama administration’s last White House functions, said he saw several celebrities “leaving ‘dirty notes’ for the new Trump administration.”

He didn’t say where the celebrities left the notes in question, just that they were in White House drawers and cabinets.

“Remember when the Trump administration came in and said, ‘The Obama workers left filthy notes for us in all the drawers and cabinets,’” Chappelle told Campbell. “Now I see what’s going on. I’m not going to say who was responsible. But it was celebrities who wrote all of this nonsense and spread it around.

And I witnessed it, so when I saw it on the television, I burst out laughing.”

Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said in 2019 that the notes contained phrases like “You aren’t going to make it” and “You will fail.”

At the time, Grisham said, “Every office was packed with Obama books, and we had notes left behind that said, ‘You will fail, you aren’t going to make it.” “There was a large note taped to the door in the press office that said, ‘You will fail.’”

Former Obama aides maintained at the time that they had nothing to do with the notes left at the White House for the Trump administration and that such notes did not exist.


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