IMPORTANT: New Social Media Platform ‘’FRANK’’ Can Hold More Than 1 Billion Accounts! Mike Lindell Is Its Owner!

Donald Trump is considering creating a new social media platform that will serve as a place for sharing personal opinions. Because of this reason, the My Pillow’s CEO is creating one.

Mike Lindell is the owner of My Pillow and the new social media platform called ‘’Frank’.

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He had an interview on the Eric Metaxas Show and shared that its launching would be within the next two weeks.
From his statements, we acknowledged that the latest platform can bear more than a billion users and that it is very similar to Twitter and YouTube.

One huge difference would be noticeable, and it won’t suspend and censor users like Twitter and YouTube.

Lindell continued saying that those who received a YouTube ban on Frank would obtain a ‘’bonus.’’

The Epoch Times covered his story.

”The forthcoming social media website from MyPillow’s Mike Lindell will be able to handle more than a billion users, Lindell said this week.

“I believe it will handle upwards of a billion. If it doesn’t, we will get to that capacity. I don’t think that’s exaggerated, by any means,” Lindell told The Epoch Times.

It’s going to be the safest, secure platform. I built it expecting to be attacked.”

The platform, dubbed Frank, has a landing page but isn’t operational yet.”

Also, Newsweek reported.

”MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has claimed his new social media site will give its users a “bonus” if they are kicked off YouTube.

In an interview with The Eric Metaxas Show published on March 30, Lindell said his own service, called Frank, is scheduled to launch within the next two weeks and pitched it as a mixture of video uploads, personal posts, and community discussion forums.

Everybody [is] coming over, and they will be able to talk without worrying about getting kicked off YouTube. On my platform, if you get kicked off YouTube, you are going to get a bonus,” Lindell said during the show. “We give bonuses if you are kicked off YouTube. You know why? That means you are actually speaking your mind again.”

It was not immediately clear what the bonuses would actually be or how the incoming social media platform would be set up to accommodate such a system.

The Donald Trump-supporting businessman previously suggested Frank will combine ideas from both YouTube and Twitter, and claimed it will have capacity to handle a billion users.”

However, Lindell stated that Frank wouldn’t use servers by Amazon, Apple, or Google so that it won’t experience the same as Parler.

You can see the entire interview below.



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