Immediately After The End Of Biden’s Speech, WH Unlisted It From YouTube!

I have a few “wild guesses” just why they rushed to do so, but I would definitely wait on a second opinion to be supported… just in case…

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What have we learned from the “highly important” speech Biden addresses on the Afghanistan situation? That the Taliban are the ones in charge – that they’re the ones ruling the situation and the strings about the foreign policy relations, not the leader of the free world!

“They would NOT allow Joe Biden to extend the 8/31 deadline to leave the country. The Taliban called it a “red line” and said if Biden stayed longer, there would be “consequences.”

And Europe has begged Biden to not do such a move… But it was all in vain.

“German officials said that there is no way in hell we’d be able to get all of our people out in this little amount of time, heck, even crazy TDS Liz Cheney agreed with that.

And Fox News reported that US troops have already begun deploying, prompting many to believe that Americans will be left there to die.”

A complete disaster. Can you now imagine why the video was unlisted?

Watch here:


Ava Garcia

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