If Your Body Is Your Choice – Say NO To Vaccines and Their Forced Abortions

Your body your choice will no longer be available if this tempo of government’s infiltration into our own families and our personal lives continues with this tempo…

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However, the entity inside a pregnant woman is an entity that does not belong solely to the woman.

“The body inside a pregnant woman is not a part of her body.”

In ancient Rome, their law, which is the basic postulate of justice and law around the globe, has recognized an institute where the legacy and property can not be sold or divided as long as one of the hairs it’s “on the way”. A baby had the right to have land and health even before entering this world – and no woman or man could change this fact!

And what about vaccines? Don’t we have an obligation to protect each other? Isn’t refusing to be vaccinated putting other people at risk?

“Take your medicine so I don’t get sick” is simply not how vaccines are supposed to work. Vaccines are supposed to protect the people who receive them, not the people around them. A person who has been vaccinated for a disease is supposed to have immunity from that disease. If vaccines work the way they are supposed to, a person who has received a vaccine for a disease can enter a room of people who have that disease and not contract it.

Numerous warnings and reports submitted to the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) speak contrary on the safety of the COVID shot.

“Take your vaccine so mine will work” is about as logical as saying “bundle up so I don’t get cold” or “eat your food so I don’t stay hungry.”

Do you agree?

Here’s a final thought to consider.

“When the State – and most businesses – can make you lose your job, your livelihood, your ability to feed your family, and strip you of your basic human rights to travel, to shop, to go to school, to leave your own state or country unless you get the two, three or who knows how many jabs, then you are NOT free to choose – you are being coerced, pure and simple.”

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