If You Want the “Truth” About Joe Biden, His Facebook Post Tells It

We’ve been told that Joe Biden is the most famous politician in American history time and time again.

Joe is so famous and well-liked, according to the media and Democrats, that he has eclipsed the Trump and Obama movements.

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That’s right, a career politician who has accomplished little and motivated no one, and who couldn’t form a coherent sentence if his life depended on it, received more votes than Obama and Trump.

But they keep promoting this nonsense – in the meantime, the election of 2020 saw an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots enter the system like a wave, but challenging THAT and wondering if all was on the “up and up” makes you a “Q Kook.”

That kind of irrational push-back is suspicious in and of itself.

And they keep bringing out these ludicrous polls claiming Biden has astronomically high approval ratings. At this point, it’s like a fake news comedy show.

But the strange thing is that all of these people who ostensibly approve of Biden and have traditionally adored him have vanished.

They don’t watch his shows on TV, and they don’t watch his shows online.


So, what’s the deal?

How does a candidate who is “historically” the most famous and well-liked in the country’s history not have a sizable base of followers who turn up in polls, social media, and views?

The only “proof” we have of this ostensibly HISTORIC support for Bumbling Old Joe is a contentious election in which 53 percent of Republicans and a large majority of all Americans believe was tainted by “fraud” – yeah, and those goofy polls they keep pumping out that people are now laughing at.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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