If MLB and Democrats Thought the “All-Star Game” Fiasco Was Over, Think Again

The GOP has re-ignited their battle with the MLB, and this new ad they produced hits the nail on the head.

Former Georgia House Representative Melvin Everson appears in this ad, and he delivers a wonderful message in which he attacks MLB for collaborating with Democrats to fight voter ID legislation, despite the fact that the majority of black Americans support such laws.

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Watch the following video:

The Republican National Committee has issued a new ad criticizing the Democratic Party for supporting Major League Baseball’s efforts to have the All-Star Game moved out of Atlanta due to the state’s new voting integrity legislation.

After Democrats led by Joe Biden launched a campaign lobbying the league to avoid Georgia after state enacted a bill clarifying voting procedures, MLB chose to reschedule the game to Denver in April.

“It was supposed to be Atlanta’s night,” says the narrator. But we were robbed,” says Georgia Rev. Melvin Everson in the new commercial.

“Democrats hijacked our All-Star Game to promote their polarizing political agenda. Politicians and companies lied, causing the most harm to black communities,” the reverend says. “Even though voter ID measures are supported by a majority of black voters.”

“It’s simply a game to Democrats. “However, we were the ones who were duped,” he added.



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