If House Is Won By the Republicans in 2022, It Might Be A Historic Move That Will Instantly Destroy Pelosi and Biden…

If the Republicans retake the House in 2022, as many expect, they can make a move that would rock Pelosi, Biden, and the entire DC establishment.

They may “crown” President Tump as House Speaker.

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Is it going to happen?

Some believe it might, which is why Trump is preparing to return to the campaign trail.

Matt Schlapp, according to Bizpaceview, said there’s “talk out there” about former President Donald Trump being “crowned” speaker of the House if Republicans win the chamber in 2022 — and he wasn’t joking.

While speaking with Newsmax anchor John Bachman, Matt Schlapp, head of the American Conservative Union, made the stunning allegation.

Bachman began the conversation by stating that “the path to 2022” begins in Ohio, where the former president plans to hold his first post-presidential rally on June 26th.

“I believe the road to 2022 really begins in Columbus, Ohio, where we will witness one of the great Trump rallies. I’m sure there will be a large throng. Trump will also visit Tampa, Florida, and the border, according to him.

He then went on to question Schlapp, whose wife, Mercedes Schlapp, was a key Trump administration official, how he thinks about the rallies returning.

“His journey coincides with these many congressional elections. If the Republicans reclaim the majority, there’s a lot of talk that Donald Trump may be the next speaker of the House,” Schlapp said.

He stressed that this isn’t confirmed information, but said that it sparks “an interesting discourse about Trump injecting himself in the fight for the Republicans to reclaim the majority.”

This would be the greatest historic political move ever made.

That is why, by 2022, we must eliminate as many RINOs as feasible.

Those RINOs, as I’ve mentioned a million times, are the biggest obstacles to our victory.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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