ICYMI- Babbitt’s Checkered Past Isn’t Linked With The Day She Was Murdered!

Babbitt’s attempt to get into the speaker’s lobby on J6 ended up fatally. The Associated Press reporter about her.

In the face of efforts by Trump and his allies to make Babbitt a martyr, the article said that she was “far more complicated than the heroic picture presented by Trump and his allies.”

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Even if the woman did that, it’s irrelevant. Her behavior shows that she doesn’t deserve to be a martyr. The idea for finding narratives about Babbitt’s past is invaluable with the J6 event and her murder.

The article exposes her relationship with a coworker while she was married and had a girlfriend. Babbitt rammed Norris’ car in traffic and got out of it, and screamed through the locked doors.

The story is interesting, but it isn’t linked to the events that caused her death. The events of J6 show that she wasn’t that kind of person as the former president and his supporters presented her. The rioters broke windows and kicked in doors only to get in.

She was trying to break into a door that led directly to the Speaker’s Lobby while others were still being evacuated.

Babbitt wanted to climb through a hole in the broken door, and Capitol Police officers confronted her. It was the moment when she got killed.

The posthumous try to put Babbitt in a new context is just like the reverse hagiographies about the black people who the police have killed.

Sandra Bland was found dead in a jail cell in 2015, arrested for not putting out her cigarettes in a traffic stop. The district attorney stated that Bland wasn’t a role model person. But when Ferguson police officer Michael Brown was killed, the NYT said that he wasn’t an angel. Furthermore, many people would say that Floyd died of fentanyl overdoes and wasn’t an angel but a drug addict.

Brown had a history of violence, and Floyd was a drug addict. However, that shouldn’t be a justification for police brutality!

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