ICU Admission by a Whistleblower Political Officials Are Inflating COVID Cases

The Democrats and President Joe Biden are unconcerned about Americans imprisoned in Afghanistan or illegal immigrants crossing the southern border in unprecedented numbers.

It all comes down to COVID-19. Biden has made it a priority during his presidency to battle the pandemic by ensuring that every American is vaccinated, starting with his inaugural address.

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With the new Delta version on the rise, the front page has been bombarded with news of deaths, infections, and packed ICUs. But, according to Josh Snider, a former employee of the Missouri Baptist Medical Center, it’s all a “complete fraud.”

Snider told reporters that the virus is being overplayed by politicians, despite the fact that it is real. In this case, the whistleblower stated that the idea of overcrowding in ICUs was exaggerated and pushed by the liberal media. “I witnessed our hospital management tell the media that our intensive care units were overflowing with COVID patients, at 98 percent capacity, knowing full well that it was a complete and utter lie,” he claimed.

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Snider further revealed that the MBMC hospital is part of a bigger network under the Barnes Jewish hospital system in Missouri, which he works for. During the epidemic, they reportedly shut down three floors of intensive care.

“Even after closing down three-quarters of our ICU capacity, they were never more than half-filled with that substantially decreased overall capacity. These medical systems that claim to be swamped with COVID patients are almost certainly LISTING TO THE PUBLIC.”

While the MBMC system does not track national patterns, Snider has told media outlets that there was only – one COVID patient in the ICU on multiple occasions.

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