“I WISH YOU WOULD BURN IN HELL!” “THAT WAS MY BROTHER”: Biden is Humiliated by a Woman During a Memorial Service For Fallen Soldiers

According to a fresh allegation, while President Joe Biden was leaving Dover Air Force Base after meeting with the families of American troops murdered by a suicide bomber at the Kabul airport after Biden enabled the Taliban to take control, a woman thoroughly humiliated him.

The woman, who was supposedly a sister of one of the deceased troops, yelled at the president as he was departing, asking him to “burn in hell!”

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“I pray you perish in hell!” According to Mark Schmitz, the father of 20-year-old Jared Schmitz, who was slain in the incident, the woman cried, “That was my brother!”

Schmitz also went off on Biden, claiming that all he did was talk about himself and his kid, and that he spent very little time on Schmitz’s son Jared.

“It was just — my interest was gone in that when he just continued talking about his son so much,” Schmitz added. “I was more concerned with my own son than with what had occurred between him and his son. I’m not trying to belittle the president, but it didn’t seem right to devote so much time to his own son.”

In an interview with the Washington Post, Roice McCollum, who lost her brother Rylee in the attack, criticized President Biden as well.

“It’s impossible for him to comprehend. My father and I were both adamant about not speaking to him. You can’t kneel in front of our flag and claim to be concerned about our warriors. You can’t f*** up as badly as he did and then apologize. This was unnecessary, and every life is in his hands. His negligence is directly responsible for the thousands of Afghans who will suffer and be tortured.”

Darin Hoover, another parent of a fallen soldier, joined Fox News anchor Sean Hannity to criticize Biden for continuously checking his watch during the event.

Darin Hoover told Sean Hannity, “It’s the single worst sensation in the world.” “There is no doubt about it, having them away for so long and doing the job that they all enjoy. To these guys, being a Marine is everything. And then there’s the fact that this is happening to these heroes. Each of them is a hero in their own right. Each and every one of them. They passed away with their brothers and sisters at their sides. They were all doing exactly what they wanted. And that is what it means to defend our country.”

Hannity remarked, “You opted not to meet with President Biden.” “I’m not sure if you want to say anything about that. When I saw Biden look at his watch, I thought to myself, “You’ve got to be kidding me,” since everything that happened to me could have been avoided. We noticed them on the march. We had April, May, June, and July to extradite everyone and all of our equipment. We weren’t the ones who did it. “What made you decide against meeting with the president?”

“Exactly for the reasons you just stated,” Hoover says. “We categorically denied it. We didn’t want to deal with them, and we certainly didn’t want him near us. We determined as a family that this was going to be the way it was going to be.”

“That didn’t happen just once,” Hoover said about the checking of his watch. “It happened to every single person who stepped off that plane. It happened to each and every one of them. They’d fire the salute, and he’d gaze down at his watch for each and every one. He looked down at his watch at all 13 of them.”

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