I Don’t Trust Bill Gates Neither Should You!

Bill Gates is the most dangerous person on the planet. He is a vaccine pusher, even though he announced that the vaccines are ineffective, don’t stop the virus transmission, and protect the people from getting infected. 

He caused a virtual war between shedders and skeptics, and that an indefinite number of booster shots will be necessary to fight the proliferation of novel variants and viral mutations.

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It seems that there is no end to the pandemic and the vaccine variants, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta Kappa, Lambda, etc. 

Delta variant AY,4.2 has now emerged, and it is ten times more infectious than the original Delta. There are 56

Delta offspring, one short of the Heinz number. We aren’t in the middle of a pandemic but in the middle of a pandemic. Many virologists like Luc Montaigne and Robert Malone stated that the vaccines are responsible for the variants creation, based on the ADE. The virus is smart, and it knows the vaccines, forcing them to mutate their way around it, causing viral replication. Gates still promotes the vaccines, even though he states they are ineffective. 

“One way the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation secures its conducive policy environment,” the Navdanya report continues, “is through its direct influence over international research institutions.” The Foundation “stands as… a product of recent, precarity-inducing history and will only serve to continue to corrode life in the future.” Gates and his private business partners, the report concludes, create worse problems than the one they purport to solve, “while simultaneously working to concentrate ever more power into corporate hands [via] million-dollar grants to private corporations and private market interests.” Patent lock-ins may also be an issue.

Gates is currently pouring money into synthetic biology, which “involves reconfiguring the DNA of an organism to create something entirely new.” 

The International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research warns that “manipulation of the code of life could lead to completely unanticipated negative effects, potentially long term or even permanent, [and potentially] transgenerational.” 

It is tempting fate. Some people feel that natural laws can’t be tampered with, forgetting that the medical cures are tamper with nature. Changing the genetic structure of the human modifies the human into something else. 

And hubris always seems to come with too high a price, which the Greek tragedians called nemesis. 

There are also benefits to synthetic biology, precisely in agricultural production that improves and prolongs the lives of millions. 

Gates’ patented with the U.K. in a £400 million investment package to boost the development of Green technologies, cementing the deal with Boris Johnson at the Global Investment Summit at London’s Science Museum. 

‘’He champions climate modeling—as Michael Crichton observes in State of Fear, a very dodgy way of charting and predicting future climate events, most likely to be wrong. A cascade of constantly revised simulations does not inspire confidence. Gates believes in the validity of the U.N.’s discredited IPCC prognostications, and assumes that Green will provide “massive amounts of reliable, affordable electricity for offices, factories, and call centers.”’’ –Life Site News reported. 

Peter and Ginger Breggin had the same conclusion. Their encyclopedic C-19 and the Global Predators showed a summary of Gates’ ambitions, “a list of the essential elements of totalitarian globalism.” 

Gates invested in the pandemic, and the numbers “probably goes into the multibillions… Gates does not give money away to the people… He is making a market of them.” 

Gates was wargaming the pandemic in January 2017, announcing in “a series of filmed talks surrounding Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum” that he was “funding and implementing plans… to rush through vaccines for an anticipated pandemic.” Something is happening here. 

We don’t trust Bill Gates! Its goal is reducing the human population; even if well-intentioned, it comes with historical baggage, a fact of which Gates must be aware. We don’t trust the people who promote the vaccines that are a gene-therapy drug developed without adequate safety trials; the benefits are unknown, and that the side effects could be horrifying. 

Bill gates represent a meddler with a Prometheus complex. Trust him at your peril. 

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