Hunter’s Laptop Scandal Exposed How China Influences Operations Work!

One thing has been revealed, how the foreign governments influence campaigns in the US.

Hunter’s laptop scandal exposed much inflation. We realized that Hunter had shady dealings with Ukraine and China, and now we’re questioning the extent to which Joe Biden was involved in these filthy businesses.

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To understand China’s influence, people must know about the secretive Chinese government agency, the UFW, and the United Front.

The CCP established UFWD in 1930, aiming to recruit famous intellectuals, writers, teachers, etc.

‘’ These recruits promoted the CCP’s agenda, influenced public opinion in favor of the CCP in territory ruled by the Nationalist Party, and helped the CCP secure the weapons, medicine, and other resources to overthrow the Nationalist-led Government. Then-CCP leader Mao Zedong called the United Front a “magic weapon” for the CCP.

When Xi Jinping came to power in late 2012, he greatly expanded the UFWD and elevated the UFWD’s status by having a politburo member, Ms. Sun Chunlan, head the UFWD. Today, the UFWD’s headquarters in Beijing is located in an unmarked but heavily guarded building next to the CCP’s leadership compound. This location says the highest power in the nation directly endorses its mission and strategy.’’ The Federalist reported.

Influencing the influencers.

The UFWD’s overseas influence campaigns rely on different methods: establishing Confucius Institutes and controlling Chinese students and scholars associations on college campuses.

One of the most effective methods was to cultivate politicians and prominent businessmen known as friends of China.

Those friends influence the policies and the opinion of the public while they try to minimize harm to China and silence the criticism of the CCP. This approach is known as influencing the influencers.

This process of maintaining friends involves a couple of tactics. The UFWD knows how to make them feel crucial through flattery, trips to China, etc.

John Kerry and Henry Kissinger Connections!

Isaac Stone Fish is a visiting fellow at the Atlantic Council, and he wrote, ‘’ one of the most influential “friends of China” the UFWD has painstakingly cultivated is Henry Kissinger, former national security advisor and secretary of the State under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Even though he retired from his government post long ago, whenever Kissinger traveled to China, he was always granted an audience with China’s top leader.’’
He added that Kissinger has been “actively dampening criticism of the [Chinese Communist] Party amongst his massive network.”

Kissinger was also reportedly “convinced the Trump administration not to meet with the Dalai Lama — Trump was the first president since Reagan to not meet with the Tibetan spiritual leader.”

The Chinese Government has been maintaining a relationship with family members of other prominent US politicians. Chinese companies funded 80% of the BHR investment fund that was partly owned and directed by Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz.

Wall Street Influence!

Former Attorney General William Barr blasted American businesses for becoming pawns of Chinese influence.

One China sovereign wealth fund, CIC, invested $3 billion in funding for Blackstone Group’s initial public offering in 2007. The Chinese Government approved Black Rock, another Wall Street firm, to start a private business in China in 2017.

‘’ BlackRock’s CEO Larry Fink received an award from the National Committee on United States-China Relations a year later, with Kissinger and Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai in the audience.

Not surprisingly, Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwartzman and Fink have been the most vocal cheerleaders for Beijing on Wall Street. Schwarzman set up a Schwarzman Scholars program at Tsinghua University, one of the most prestigious universities in China, working closely with Chen Xu, the CCP secretary at Tsinghua. Chen later became the deputy head of UFWD.’’ The Federalist added.

The Federalist CNBC City Journal

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