Hunter Biden’s Mobster Friend Arranged Meeting with Chinese Leaders and Vice President Biden at the White House

Why hasn’t anyone mentioned this? Hunter Biden arranged a meeting with a group of Chinese leaders and Joe Biden in the White House with the help of a suspected gangster whose friends were mobsters.
We reported yesterday on a bizarre story of a man from Illinois and the St. Louis area who was involved in setting up a White House meeting between Chinese leaders and Joe Biden. Gary Fears was the Illinois man, and he had business associates who were suspected of being mob members.

Despite later claims that Triano’s killing had nothing to do with the mob, it was first thought that the mob, notably Gary Fears, had ordered a hit on Triano because of a debt he owed Fears.

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…Sheriff Clarence Dupnik himself told the media five days after the bombing Triano’s death “has all the markings of a mob hit.”…

…Several of Triano’s business associates had a motive to kill him, Herberg said, including Gary Fears, who was suspected of ordering two other murders. Herberg described Fears as the head of a non-La Cosa Nostra organized crime group and said Triano was preparing to sue Fears for $10 million over a failed business venture.

“Gary Triano was investigated for money laundering, skimming, and filed bankruptcy to discharge millions in lawful debt. Under the circumstances of numerous organized crime connections, it is reasonable to infer that Gary Triano had debts beyond the lawful debts discharged in bankruptcy in June 1996. Gary Triano was also threatening the interests of organized crime people,” Herberg wrote.

Gary Fears, who was not linked to Triano’s death, is the same person Hunter used to link Chinese leaders to Vice President Joe Biden in the White House.

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