Hunter Biden Is Seen Smoking Crack During An Argument With His Dead Brother’s Wife, According To A Leaked Video

Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s oft-disappointing son who has recently turned to art, appears to be smoking crack cocaine while arguing with his deceased brother’s wife, Hallie Biden, with whom he had a relationship following Beau Biden’s death, according to a newly leaked video.

Hunter appeared to become enraged when Hallie called him so soon after the release of an article by New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, allegedly a 2015 story in which Dowd claimed that Beau implored his father, Joe Biden, to run for President in the 2016 election seconds before his death.

The video starts with Hallie telling Hunter, “I think we should discuss that while you’re there, yeah,” only for him to respond, “Okay, but why did you call me at 9 a.m. to tell me that, on the morning that the Maureen Dowd article came out–” prompting Hallie to say, “I didn’t know about Maureen Dowd,” only to be cut off again by the drug-addled son of the then-president.

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“Well, you did before you started talking to me,” Hunter interrupted Hallie, “– that you would attack me, that you would be a little more humble,” Hunter cut her off again, “I didn’t attack you.” “But I think I was incorrect, and it irritated me off,” Hallie tried to finish her thought, only for Hunter to insist once more that he did not attack her.

Then Hallie recounts that Hunter allegedly told her, “You said I’m going to use [drugs] against you,” according to Hallie.

“No, I stated I didn’t want to provide you details on this program because I’m scared you’ll use it against me as not being enough,” Hunter said. “I can’t keep talking if we’re going to go around and round in circles,” Hallie stated, apparently thinking she was not making headway in the debate, only to be interrupted again by Hunter, who said, “I’m not arguing Hallie, I’m asking you.”

Hunter then paused in his speech and reached for what seems to be a pipe. “I think we should arrange a visit and consult with a therapist,” Hallie pleaded. I’m not going to keep arguing, and I’m not going to talk about it and make things worse.”

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