Hunter Biden Ex-Stripper Smuggling SCANDAL

“A few weeks ago, when he “addiction-shamed” Hunter Biden, the conservative actor Kevin Sorbo got himself into the soup.

Tell Hunter Biden that he failed to get his lap pipe picked up. I mean top crack. Sorbo tweeted on Feb. 6, a wisecrack that was met with a flurry of outrage. I mean, I… you know that stuff.

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“A popular and prolific member of the tweet-before-you-think left, one of the most retweeted rejoinders was from “BrooklynDad Defiant!, To be fair, Brooklyn Dad wrote that he had suffered (and beat it, to his credit) with addiction and considered the flippancy of Sorbo to be unacceptable.

“Like Hunter Biden, in my life, I battled with addiction, going clean and sober for 18 years,” he wrote. I didn’t have to do that, unlike Hunter Biden, when has-beens like @ksorbs were trying to openly mock my addiction fights. Do better, jacka-do better.

At the time, this had a great deal of play and the general consensus was that Sorbo had been digitally disgraced. However, it stuck in my mind because it totally misses the explanation why we should concentrate on the drug, alcohol and female issues of Hunter Biden and it has nothing to do with gawking at debauchery and getting a laugh at his expense. On Wednesday, I was reminded of it again.

Emails collected by Swedish media outlets accuse Hunter Biden of smuggling visitors into a Swedish government-owned building in Washington, D.C., where he rented office space beginning in 2017, according to a report from the Swedish newspaper Expressen, translated by Breitbart.

Not only were guests forbidden to access the House of Sweden after-hours, a “unique modernist building,” states Chris Tomlinson of Breitbart, but one of those guests was a former stripper named Lunden Roberts with whom Biden would go on to have a child out of wedlock.

The House of Sweden hosts the Swedish Embassy as well as the diplomatic offices of other countries and they were not completely satisfied with Biden taking visitors around after hours, according to emails obtained by Expressen.

“It has come to my attention again that it appears that tourists have gained access to number 507 after office hours via the northern entrance, as we have 24/7 video surveillance in the house,” Breitbart confirmed in one email, the real estate representative for the building wrote.

“Help us keep the building secure by following the rules of the House of Sweden.”

Biden fired back, accusing them of bigotry in a tacit way. (Roberts is white, but obviously some others involved were not.)

“If NN has an issue with the race or dress of my guests, I think we should all sit down and speak to an attorney present about it,” he wrote, according to Breitbart.

As for Roberts, Biden told real estate representatives that she was a basketball coach and said that his daughter was on her team (as well as the daughter of former President Barack Obama), Breitbart posted.

Roberts was, at one point, an Arkansas State basketball player. This wasn’t the capacity in which she served in 2017, however.

Roberts met Biden when she was a stripper at Mpire Bar, one of Washington’s favorite haunts for Hunter Biden, according to the New York Post. Around the time Hunter Biden broke up with Hallie Biden, the widow of his partner, Beau Biden, Roberts got pregnant.

To avoid taking a paternity test, Biden broke things off with Roberts and fought tooth-and-nail, all with some pretty impressive legal firepower. He was losing out, and, behold, the child was his.

But this is the private life of Hunter Biden, right? Well, it’s based.

Sure, it’s sordid. There is strong proof that he cheated on the widow of his aunt (as well as other allegations he did the same thing with other women). The New York Times ran a puff piece on him in the midst of all this, portraying Biden as a fragile artist struggling to find himself, scarcely acknowledging that he had fought a brutal fight against a woman who bore his child.

And yes, Hunter Biden has trouble with addiction. The problem is that those issues have expressed themselves in an unimaginable sense of entitlement that those around him have allowed.

Hunter Biden was commissioned as an ensign in the Navy Reserve in May of 2013. For many reasons, this was a curious development.

Biden had to get an age waiver first. Usually, the maximum age for serving in the Navy Reserve is 40; Biden was 43. Owing to a cocaine conviction in his earlier years, he had to get a second waiver. Finally, he got what was known as a “direct commission,” described as “a little-known entry point to join the military” by political cartoonist Jack Ohman.

A direct commission is “a way to represent experienced professionals; mainly for physicians, nurses and dentists, it is completed.” But for those outside of those disciplines, the age of 40 is like a brick wall.

It didn’t fit Hunter into the mold. It didn’t matter much anyway, because a month after he was commissioned, he tested positive for cocaine and was discharged.


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