Hunter Biden Admits To Working For The Chinese Communist Party

Hunter Biden, the notorious son of illegitimate President Joe Biden, admitted this week that proof proving he works for the Chinese Communist Party is right. Hunter dropped his laptop off at a computer store while on a drug binge and never came back for it. It was eventually handed over to the FBI, which did nothing about it. A year later, the details was eventually released in the New York Post.

The big revelation came during a CBS Sunday Morning interview. When asked whether the Laptop from Hell was his, Hunter basically confirmed it but said it had been “stolen” by…wait for it…Russians.

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“I’m sure there’s a laptop somewhere that was stolen from me. It’s possible that I was hacked, or that Russian intelligence was involved. It’s possible it was taken from me.”

He doesn’t say the laptop isn’t his, despite the fact that it contains damning evidence of corruption.

According to an email, the split on that project was “20 H,” “10 Jim,” and “10 kept by H for the big man.” Is Joe Biden the most powerful man in the world? The New York Post reports on this.

The following is a transcript of Hunter’s speech from an audiotape found on the Laptop from Hell.

As a result, the CCP has compromised our President’s kid. In addition, The Big Guy receives 10%.

Have you started missing Trump yet?


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