HUMILIATION: Pelosi Shared Wrong Black Baseball Player Photo To Celebrate Mays’ Birthday!

Doing your best not to look like you’re a racist can be confusing!

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, made an error on Friday when she wished a happy birthday to the greatest baseball player, Willie Mays. But, instead, to share a photo of Willie Mays, she shared a photo of Willie McCovey.

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“Happy 90th Birthday to an all-American icon, Willie Mays,” she tweeted. “A trailblazing, record-breaking baseball player, civil rights leader, and champion for youth sports and well-being, Willie Mays is a civic legend and national treasure. #SayHey90.”

Once Nancy saw what a mistake she made, the photo was deleted. Then, she corrected herself and shared the right image.

McCovey and Mays spent many years together in the team. Unfortunately, McCovey died at the age of 80 in October 2018.

Someone must have noticed the mistake because the mistaken tweet was deleted, and a new one was posted with the exact text but the right picture.

However, Pelosi blamed the staffers and said: “A staffer inadvertently selected the wrong photo for the tweet.” According to KCBS Radio. “The photo we wanted to use was of the Speaker and Willie Mays at Willie McCovey’s August 2018 wedding. The quickly deleted photo was the wrong photo from the right wedding. We apologize for the error,”

There were numerous comments about this error, and Nancy Pelosi was humiliated.

“Out of Touch But at least you got the Willie part right, @SpeakerPelosi?” is one among the many tweets.

“Willie Go Round in Circles @SpeakerPelosi congratulates Willie Mays on his 90th birthday but tweets a picture of deceased Willie McCovey. Deletes then tweets the correct Willie, blames the staffer. Willie Covfefe?” another account tweeted.


However, this is not the first embarrassing thing Pelosi did. After the verdict on George Floyd’s trial, she thanked Floyd for giving his life.

“And thank God, the jury validated what we saw, what we saw,” Pelosi stated in front of the U.S. Capitol Building.

“So, again, thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice. For being there to call out to your mom. How heartbreaking was that? To call out to your mom, ‘I can’t breathe,'” she continued.

“But because of you – and because of thousands, millions of people around the world who came out for justice – your name will always be synonymous with justice,” Pelosi stated.

Of course, she was humiliated on social media.

Chauvin was charged with second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter, and he has been declared guilty on all charges.

Democrat politicians used the Floyd trial as a soapbox and asked for more police reform.

Maxine Waters, California Rep., caused controversy by telling the protestors to be more confrontational if Chauvin wasn’t declared guilty of murder.

The judges said that Waters’ words made this weekend might be cause for an appeal.

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