HUGE: Twitter Banned Dave Portnoy For Celebrating COVID-19 End! [UPDATE]

Dave Portnoy is the creator of popular blogging and podcasting organization Barstool Sports, and he has been suspended from Twitter due to his celebration of the COVID-19 end.

User @mcm_ct is the account focused on marker commentary and was the first person who realized that Portnoy, with 2.5 million followers, received a permanent ban on Twitter.

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The account was suspended at around 7:50 EST on Friday.

First reactions highlighted that Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, had been celebrating the end of the pandemic.

One video that we can still find on his FB page shows that he drinks champagne from a bottle engraved with the word ‘’coronavirus’’. He declared that it was a ritual that he must do whenever he defeats his foe.

According to him, the pandemic is over, and the virus is dead.

“It’s been a shitty 16 months, but you know when I have an enemy what I do, I put a bottle of champagne in the desk of my office… and I wait for them to fail… who is engraved on the back. I’ve been waiting for coronavirus. What a year I’ve had with this! I’ve been waiting, but now finally, I can pour it, and I can drink to the victory, because coronavirus is dead! Masks, gone, live life love, drink, be merry! Finally, I get to drink the best drink I’ve ever had in my life. Coronavirus is    D E A D, bang! Enjoy it, drink up, enjoy life, we deserve it, let the roaring twenties begin!”

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