HUGE: NSA Shares In FOIA Response: The FBI Was Involved In Improper Surveillance Of 16,000 American Citizens!!!

In 2020, the BLM terrorist group was connected to 91% of the riots that caused the most expensive damage in U.S. history.

Trump rallies resulted in 0 violent riots during that period.

On January 6, the Capitol riot, after numerous Trump sympathizers rallied with Trump at the Ellipse outside the WH, more than 900 people were in the U.S. Capitol. From all of them, 400 people ended behind bars, including the people who were waved in the U.S. Capitol by the police officers who were at the exits.

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The Deep State and Dems don’t want to share the recordings with Republican lawmakers from the terrible event, from the inside and outside the building.

Revolver News shared one report on the unindicted conspirators in the January 6 attack who didn’t end up behind bars, and the DOJ or FBI didn’t even charge them for their involvement in the attack.

These people were the most violent ones, also the leaders of the U.S. Capitol riot. Probably those are FBI’s informants.

This week, we also shared that we obtained proof that the FBI was recruiting military members to spy on the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys before the protests.

The Gateway Pundit shared one article on Jeremy Brown, where he shared the proof that the FBI recruited him.

However, now we have a bombshell.

Everything began this morning with a post linked to Ty Clevenger and the FBI’s response to his FOIA request. We can conclude that they would give the documents that he asked for at a certain pace. Based on Clevenger’s calculations from the number of docs, the exercise will need decades until the FBI give him the required documents.

So, after his post, Clevenger got a letter from NSA. There, the NSA promised to give the records linked to the FBI’s legal spying on the American population.

Buckle up, kids. The National Security Agency has agreed to produce records about the FBI’s illegal snooping on 16,000 Americans, according to a letter that I received from the NSA this afternoon, and that suggests a political fight between the two agencies.

The NSA answered the same request Clevenger provided to the FBI. Below you can read the NSA’s letter.

Clevenger shared:

As you may recall, Admiral Mike Rogers tried to shut down FBI access to the NSA database in 2016 (while he was serving as NSA director) after learning that FBI contractors were illegally searching the database. Over at The Conservative Treehouse, Sundance has built a solid case that FBI contractors were exploiting the NSA database for opposition research on political enemies (also see here and here and here). One of the contractors with access to the NSA database, for example, appears to be Fusion GPS, which helped Christopher Steele’s produce the infamous “Russian collusion” dossier. In fact, it appears that one of the mistakes in Steele’s report, i.e., that President Trump’s personnel attorney Michael Cohen made a trip to Prague, was the result of an illegal search of the NSA database (which produced travel records for the wrong “Michael Cohen”).

Given the history of animosity between the FBI and NSA over misuse of the database, I cannot help but wonder whether the NSA is taking a shot at the FBI by preemptively producing the records that the FBI refused to produce, i.e., records of the FBI’s ongoing illegal surveillance of U.S. citizens. The FBI is downright dangerous, and perhaps some patriots at the NSA recognize that. Consider, for example, the growing evidence that the FBI not only infiltrated but helped orchestrate the January 6, 2021 “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol…

…Speaking of FBI chicanery, read today’s post in The Gateway Pundit about the FBI’s attempts to hide documents related to the Wikileaks fiasco. And consider this recent court filing about the FBI’s ongoing attempts to hide records about murdered DNC employee Seth Rich (the FBI has gone so far as to lie to federal courts). Tucker Carlson is right about the FBI: it’s dirty, dirty, dirty, and it may be the single greatest threat to our individual liberties.

FBI is spying ‘’legally’’ on the Americans, and they are infiltrating numerous entities in America, setting people up for crimes.

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