HUGE: Elections Expert Seth Keshel Releases National Fraud Numbers

Seth Kessel is much more – he’s a retired Army intelligence captain, an election data expert as well as a former baseball analyst. He’s VERY GOOD with numbers!

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He has done some work in research and examination in the final vote counts in all 50 states compared to the estimated numbers based on changing state dynamics and trends to come up with his estimated voter fraud in each state.

Keshel confirms President Trump won: PA, MI, WI, NV, AZ, GA and MN.

According to Keshel’s investigation, “there were conservatively 8,144,000 excess Joe Biden votes recorded in the 2020 election.”

Here’s what he posted on his popular Telegram page.

“Here is a table of the tape for Excess Biden Votes based on trend analysis in the modern political era, considering population growth/decline, recent voter history, and registration information, including registration by party.

My estimates are always lenient and do not account for cyber flipping of votes.

Trump won: PA, MI, WI, NV, AZ, GA, MN

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Likely/Possible Trump if cyber flipping occurring: NM, VA, CO, NJ, NH

Closer than you thought: WA, OR, RI, CT, HI.”


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