HUGE: China To Invade Taiwan, 953 Ships!

Leaked audio shows that the world situation couldn’t be worse. You have to be prepared for a new invasion soon!

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In the audio, we can hear that China is getting ready to invade Taiwan with 953 ships and 140,000 soldiers.

The world is focused on COVID, new planned demise, Russia, Ukraine, and election fraud, so China saw the golden opportunity to get Taiwan.

This is what we know:

Here’s the English translation:

International Business Times reported:

A leaked audio clip purportedly featuring the Chinese Communist Party’s top brass discussing military plans for a Taiwan invasion has triggered a controversy online. According to Indian media, the 57-minute leaked clip is reportedly the first-ever recording of a Chinese military brass gathering.

Expert analysis of the audio clip posted on the YouTube channel of Lude Media appears authentic, reported The Times Of India, a New Delhi-based news media. The viral audio clip was also shared by Jennifer Zeng, a China-born human rights activist, on her Twitter handle. Zeng also published the transcript on her website.

International Business Times could not independently verify this clip, and there is so far no official confirmation from Beijing in this regard.

The meeting discusses the roadmap of the “normal to war transition” plan by the top CPC leadership. The audio clip suggests that those present at the high-level meeting include Guangdong’s party secretary, deputy secretary, governor and the vice-governor.

The focus of the meeting was on Taiwan, stressing “smashing independence forces and not hesitating to start a war.” The top leadership also discussed “defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” a major strategic decision of Chinese president Xi Jinping and the “overall strategic situation of China’s great rejuvenation.”

The officials also recommended opening a joint civilian-military command and “plan-deploy-organize” the province’s normal to war transition.

The meeting discussed companies that would play crucial roles during the war. These include Zhuhai Orbita, Shenzhen Aerospace Dongfanghong Satellite Co., Foshan Deliya and Ji Hua Laboratory. Besides, four satellite detachments will be formed. “We have in total 16 low-orbit satellites, with 0.5 to 10 meters global remote ultra-high optical resolution sensing and imaging capabilities,” officials were heard saying in the clip.

The mobilization issued to Guangdong by the eastern and southern war zones includes “20 categories and 239 items.” It includes 140,000 lakh military personnel, 953 ships, 1,653 units of unmanned equipment, 20 airports and docks, six repair and shipbuilding yards, 14 emergency transfer centres, and resources such as grain depots, and hospitals, blood stations, oil depots, gas stations, etc.

Recruitment of new military service personnel, retired military personnel, and special talents totaling 15,500 personnel from the province was also discussed.

While Trump kept us out of all new international conflicts, the globalist creeps want to draw us into everyone.

ib Times Twitter YouTube

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