How To Save Yourself While Surrounded With Vaccinated People! You Can Avoid Blood Clots & Magnetism Killing The Vaxxed! [WATCH]

Scientists worldwide realized that covid-19 vaccines cause the vaccinated to develop blood clots. One German blood expert shared that a preservative in the AstraZeneca shot, EDTA, combined with stray proteins, is guilty of the blood clots.

A 17-year-old basketball player, Utah, died because of blood clots inside and outside his brain once he got the vaccine. The doctors found out the condition when the parents brought their children to the hospital with severe neck swelling and constant headaches (unbearable). The boy couldn’t move his neck, and the mother claimed he was perfectly healthy before the shot.

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Another Colorado man shared that he developed two blood clots in the left leg because of the Moderna vaccine. Many EU countries suspended the AstraZeneca shot because it caused blood clots. The vaccine in epidemic proportions causes this issue, and it could be the next epidemic. So, probably, in the future, people won’t die from the Black Plague, but vaccinated people will die from blood clots caused by the shot – Blood Clot Plague!

The FDA shared Johnson and Johnson vaccines have to carry a warning about blood clotting risks and low platelet count. The FDA tells the people that the vaccines are causing this problem, the most dangerous side effect ever! It’s even worse than the virus itself.

The second and third doses of the vaccine will exacerbate vax-clot disorder, possibly killing fully vaccinated people.

Scientists discovered rare blood clots once people got the J&J vaccine, and these problems, called CVST, obstruct the sinus channels of the brain, causing fatal hemorrhages. Nine patients experienced this problem, one died, and two are in critical condition.

Israeli scientists connected the Pfizer covid-19 vaccine to heart inflammation because blood clots clogged arteries, veins, and capillaries. In case the heart gets overworked, the people will experience severe myocardial infarction.

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Everything is happening from the first or following Covid-19 doses to ‘’save’’ the people from the virulent strains that emerge worldwide. How many people will experience vax-clots blood plague?

The vaccines that one country suspends are going into another country, which doesn’t eliminate the danger. Bill Gates loves to send dirty vaccines to Africa, causing a severe problem, and then pretends to help the people. The vaccines aren’t safe. And they cause different medical issues, like serialization in teen girls. You can’t believe the shots, and they are not effective!

Covid vaccines instruct human cells to create spike proteins without control, shared one virologist who created mRNA technology.

“What has been discovered by the scientific community is the spike protein, on its own, is almost entirely responsible for the damage to the cardiovascular system if it gets in the circulation.” Shared Dr. Byram W. Bridlle. Ph.D.

Scientists shared that the concoction remains in the muscle tissue when you get a vaccine and the immune system conjuring work from there. Not, we realized that the proteins are reaching the blood and crossing the blood-brain barrier. The scientist clarified the assumption of the scientific community that the mRNA didn’t enter the blood barrier, knowing that if they did pass, it would cause blood clots and brain damage.

Dr. Byram Bridle saved millions of lives because he told the truth about the vaccines and the blot clotting cases. If you were looking for scientific proof- no, you have it!

VCD is sweeping the globe, and there’s proof that it is real! You can visit for the latest developments to hear about the crimes against humanity!

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