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How MRNA Vaccines Work And The Dangers They Pose Fully Explained !

And do they at all, or do they do the complete opposite?

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First of all, to understand this new approach to vaccination, when it hasn’t been explained on TV as it should, nor it has been investigated and experimented with long enough for strong supporting evidence, we need to find the basic things about the mRNA vaccine. What is it? What does it mean?

Let me start by giving you this fragment of a study, explaining the approach of the mRNA vaccine.

“Messenger RNA (mRNA) is a tool that your cells use to make working copies of genes from your DNA. Think of mRNA as being like a Xerox copy of just a small part of your entire genome’s DNA. Your cells use the mRNA copies to do the actual assembling of proteins in your body. If you take a strand of mRNA and insert it into the body of a cell, the cell will try and build whatever protein is encoded on that strand of mRNA.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus (which causes COVID-19) has a distinct spike protein that it uses to latch onto cells in order to infect them. It has been demonstrated that this spike protein has portions of its genetic code that are identical to a similar spike protein found in HIV viruses. It is highly unlikely that this occurred by accident in nature. In fact, certain genetic fragments are so similar between HIV and SARS-CoV-2 that some HIV tests will show a false positive result if a patient has COVID. I say this because I want you to understand that this is an engineered virus. It is important to remember that the people who engineered this virus are the same ones who are now trying to sell you a vaccine to counter it.”

Okay, is that clear for you up until here?

Let’s move further – how does this “messenger” RNA vaccine should be working?

“The mRNA vaccines work by taking the gene sequence of that mutant HIV spike protein found in the SARS-CoV-2 virus and encoding it onto a strand of mRNA. In the Pfizer vaccines at least, that mRNA strand is then placed in a micro-sized bubble of fat, which is then coated with an experimental formulation of polyethylene glycol and highly toxic graphene oxide in order to make it resistant to your immune system. The Moderna vaccine is similar to the Pfizer vaccine, but the J&J one utilizes a slightly different method of delivering the mRNA to your cells.

These special toxic fat capsules allow the mRNA in the vaccines to pass through the cell walls in your body, which then causes your body’s cells to “express” or build copies of the spike protein on their own. Currently, all vaccines in the United States for COVID-19 cause the body to express the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. In other words, the vaccines highjack your cells and turn them into mutant HIV spike protein manufacturing facilities.

Your body’s immune system will recognize these spike proteins as being foreign and toxic, which results in your body constructing antibodies to clear them from your system. The hope is that when your body encounters these spike proteins from a wild virus it will already know how to deal with them.”

So read this last sentence very carefully once more.
“They Hope”!

So, you see guys, it is very simple and clear – they do not know for sure whether the vaccine will work, or it will cause adverse reactions. So, if you’re going to take any vaccine, you’re basically playing Russian rullet, and I don’t know whether you like gambling or not, but the rest is up to you…

Here’s a video that goes along with the statements in this article.


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