How Is Every Single Media Network Trying To Cover Up Biden’s True Speech?

Since the obvious negative feedback on Biden’s speech, the media is desperately looking for a way to take it back, or somehow, discredit him.

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Now, will they be the ones to play on the “dementia” card???

The speech he gave was obviously necessary since the public was urging it. But, they saw why he was “hiding in the White House”, behind his administration – because he’s old, senile, and can’t make a single point and conclusion, putting more than two sentences together!

A disgrace for the international relations that will be totally turned if this guy continues as “captain of the boat.”

“Biden rambled, looked lost, and delivered cringe-worthy attempts at showing emotion,” a report stated.

And I can totally agree with this!

“But it is worth taking a moment to dwell on this unique pastoral role of the presidency, if only because it has been absent for the last four years and because Biden is being widely praised for restoring it.”

“Whether it’s a natural disaster, a war, a terrorist attack, a mass shooting — some devastating event that shocks Americans equally and temporarily suspends the usual divisions — for better or worse we turn to the president not just to push and pull the levers of government in response, but also to console us. “

“The images of those moments are indelible: RONALD REAGAN speaking after the Challenger disaster, BILL CLINTON memorializing the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing, GEORGE W. BUSH with a bullhorn on a pile of rubble and BARACK OBAMA wiping away tears describing the Sandy Hook massacre.”

Obviously, the whole media is trying to make the best out of the total mess we “have elected for President.”

But, I will just leave this Twitter comment hanging here, and I’ll leave you to be the judge of what’s what, and what truly happened on Thursday…


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