How Fauci Knew This ‘’Fact’’ In 2017? WATCH

How the hell Fauci knew this in 2017?

Our famous doctor faces backlash at the moment, and everything is stemming from his gain of function research, the connection and covering up for China, and now the publication of his emails.

Among all other things, the emails that emerged revealed that Fauci was covering up for the Wuhan lab.

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Washington Examiner shared that the crucial role in the COVID-19 research at the Wuhan Lab played Fauci, and they thanked him for downplaying the likelihood that coronavirus originated in a lab. However, the possibility still remains under investigation.

Peter Daszak is the President of EcoHealth Alliance. This research group secured a grant to do the COVID-19 research in Wuhan prior to the pandemic. He wrote to Dr. Fauci in April 2020, “to say a personal thank you on behalf of our staff and collaborators” once Fauci rejected the option that the pandemic leaked from a lab in Wuhan.

In a replay from April 18, 2020, Dr. Facui thanked Daszak for the kind note. Earlier, Fauci had to answer the question about the lab leak hypothesis during the COVID-19 briefing. He explained that the scientific evidence “is totally consistent with a jump of a species from an animal to a human.”

Everyone knows that Fauci is a total fraud. But was he diabolical too? People say that after they watch the short clip from 2017, before coronavirus.

He said: “…the issue of pandemic preparedness…there is no question that there will be a challenge [for] the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases. But also there will be a surprise outbreak..” – Anthony Fauci 2017.

How did he know that before the event even occurred?

Take a look at the video below.

And now you can read some of the best comments.

“He knew, as he was the core of the operations of sponsoring such research as well as authors of them too. It’s planned bio warfare.”

“Arrogance is what allows a person involved in gain of function virology to plant himself in a position leading the response to his own creation. Are we sure that he’s not a Satanist? He gave someone in the press the horned hand gesture on the way out of a press conference.”

“He had to be in on the plan. None of them are to be trusted. Always follow the money. The CDC is a private, for-profit business that makes money off of vaccine sales and vaccine patent royalties. They needed a pandemic to push their vaccines. It made the insiders billions. $$$”

“SURPRISE OUTBREAK?? Obviously, it isn’t a surprise to HIM. What does THAT tell you?”

“He only knew because he was one of the dirt bags that instigated it by design. It’s all a crock.”

“This is proof positive this deadly virus was unleashed on the world by our democrat politicians!”

People lost faith in Fauci, the government, and Dems!

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