Host of Fox Reveals Why He Has His Doubts About Fauci

Dr. Anthonyy Fauci may have been lying about the coronavirus’ origins all along, according to Fox News anchor Steve Hilton.

Hilton did not mince words during a segment on his Fox show, and he presented an interesting counterargument.

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“And now, perched atop the pyramid of lies, the wretched symbol of it all, Dr. Fauci, vain, arrogant, untouchable, desperately trying to distract and deflect from his own role in funding gain of function research in Wuhan, the most likely origin of the pandemic, as we have shown you week after week,” Hilton said.

“What is Dr. Fauci’s motive for lying? Unless he knows he’s guilty, why would he lie before Congress — a crime, remember? —?” He inquired.

“He understands that his dangerous experiments are most likely to blame for the pandemic that has killed millions and turned the planet upside down. No, not on purpose, but because of the arrogance and complacency that characterize our unaccountable governing class, the technocrats, bureaucrats, weak politicians who partake in them, and the adoring establishment media who elevate them,” Hilton remarked.

“They’ve been wrong for years, decades, and it’s been devastating. Wrong on China, the economy, trade, immigration, and the never-ending war.Their globalist worldview resulted in the abolition of manufacturing jobs for young men,” he continued.

“They tore America’s heart out and replaced it with Oxycontin. Their progressive worldview resulted in the breakdown of the American family, leaving children without fathers and families without stability, a disaster for everything from racial justice to social mobility, he argued.

“What is this new society they’ve established, these elites who sail from one disaster to the next and the next without a shred of regret or accountability?” Hilton said.


Hilton became famous on social media earlier this year after suggesting that America will not recover unless schools are reopened promptly across the country.

Hilton urged politicians to restore schools, claiming that they are a “essential aspect” of the recovery from the coronavirus outbreak.

“Get on with it and reopen schools now before you cause any more harm,” Hilton said.

The following is a partial transcript of Hilton’s angry remarks, as published by Breitbart News:

There will be no rehabilitation until schools are reopened immediately. Parents are unable to work if their children are unable to attend school. Schools are supposed to be closed to keep students safe, yet they aren’t in danger. According to the CDC, children under the age of 18 account for only 2% of cases and 0.6 percent of hospitalizations, while children under the age of 14 account for only 0.02 percent of deaths. The media is already spreading falsehoods about a new mysterious ailment that affects youngsters. When confronted with Rand Paul’s demand to reopen schools this year, Dr. Fauci noted this. However, we’re only talking about a few examples that are virtually always treated. How insulting to try to scare parents about their children’s safety.

While children may not get sick, they can infect others, which is a more significant case for school closures. Do they have any? We’re always advised to follow the science and the data, and now we have it. “Even if youngsters become infected, they are less likely to transfer the disease to others than adults,” according to one study. We haven’t discovered a single case of a youngster infecting their parents.” They lecture us on contact tracing while doing it for a coronavirus-infected boy. They discovered that despite coming into touch with 172 students and teachers while ill, he did not spread the disease to any of them.

Hilton also appeared to be implying that Democrats do not want schools or the economy to reopen because they are still trying to profit from the catastrophe.


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