Hospitals Purged Thousands Of Health Care Workers Right Before The Winter And The Expected Collapse!

The purge of healthcare workers having natural immunity is in process, and the Epoch Times reported that the NY heath care system fired 1,400 workers due to their unvaccinated vaccine status. These people don’t want to be part of the depopulation experiment, and they don’t like to receive the bioweapon made by Fauci and his team.

The Henry Ford hospital purged 400 healthcar3e workers in Michigan because they didn’t want to commit suicide by taking the vaccine. It prompted the hospital CEO to grin and brag about how his workers were approximately 100% vaccinated.

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The Vermont Daily Chronicle shared that 76% of the C-19 deaths happen among the vaccinated population. As time passes, the number will increase regarding that the ADE worsens health outcomes in the vaccinated population over time. This info was shared by DoD, JAIC, Project Salus Document shared by attorney Thomas Renz.

Watch the video below:

Booster shots – really full doses of spike protein – are sharply increasing deaths

The vaccination rate reached 88% in Israel, but they marked enormous death numbers every day after the booster shots. The vaccine is the real pandemic because it keeps spike protein in the organism and spreads the C-19 because the PCR tests merely confirm the existence of spike protein fragments.

As CHD shared, the C-19 breakthrough rate among vaccinated reached a shocking 96.2% studied hospital scenario. Even though everyone is fully vaccinated and dressed up with gloves, gowns, PPE, the virus spreads among the members in the hospital and infects dozens. Five of the vaccinated died, and the unvaccinated had mild symptoms.

“The vaccine was virtually useless in preventing transmission,” noted Brian Hooker in analyzing the published study.

MILLIONS of Americans will be injured or killed by covid vaccines over the next six months

In the next six months, we will see millions of Americans in the hospitals with injuries or killed from the vaccines.
What we are living in right now is the Pandemic of the Vaccinated. Natural immunity gives the complete and best protection. Even Pfizer’s experts admitted that.

Many of the dead individuals will be doctors because they are forced to get the vaccines.

Jon Rappaport detailed on that there isn’t a federal mandate to force the private companies to promote the vaccine mandates on the workers.

In America, there isn’t a vaccine mandate that carries the force of law. The state legislators have repeatedly shot down proposed new laws mandating vaccine compliance.

The mandates that are present in America are made-up Executive Orders by Biden, who isn’t even elected.

It was all planned: Meet “Kovid,” the runway model wearing a mask in EARLY 2019

If you were wondering that this pandemic was planned and staged from the start, then it is true!

Take a look at the video below:

We are living in an artificial reality. Everything was planned in advance. However, the reality is that the spike protein bioweapon is distributed to all countries worldwide and jabbed into people.

The engineered collapse will now accelerate into 2022

We have covered a lot of podcasts at the HR Report Channel on The events that are about to occur are:

  • Extreme food shortages, price inflation and empty shelves
  • Energy shortages (now appearing across Europe and China), power grid outages and energy price instability
  • Currency crisis events involving debt ceilings, money printing and “debt bomb” repercussions
  • Financial collapse spreading throughout China (Evergrande, already spreading) and the world
  • Health care collapse due to the mass firing of workers with natural immunity
  • A gutting of police and first responders in order to thrust cities into mass chaos
  • Extreme risk of international warfare involving China, which is posturing to go to war with Taiwan, Australia, Japan, India and the United States (all at once).

The outcome that the globalists want is:

  • Mass starvation leading to an accelerating die-off of humanity
  • Global failures of health care systems in order to accelerate deaths from lack of basic medical care
  • A collapse in fertility due to spike protein attacks on pregnant women (via vaccinations)
  • Mass impoverishment and homelessness, followed by a global real estate collapse
  • Mass arrests and executions of vaccine dissenters by labeling them as “positive” for measles, then kidnapping them at gunpoint and taking them to CDC death camps which are located all across the USA. (See the CDC map, below)
  • At some point, an engineered takedown of the dollar, via the “global reset” strategy which is really planetary-scale looting of the productive members of society
  • The consolidation of all power into the hands of the global elite, including political power, speech controls, mobility, health care, finance, technology, intellectual property, etc.
  • The rolling out of a centrally controlled cryptocurrency system to replace the failed dollar, allowing globalists to spy on all financial transactions in real time. (Bitcoin was always about prepping the population for a police state electronic monetary system.)
  • The replacement of human beings with robotic automation systems to handle all the labor tasks previously carried out by humans (i.e. agriculture, transportation, warehouse workers, health care, etc.)

The bottom line is this Winter’s Final Solution against humanity. Until spring 2022, tens of millions of people will be exterminated worldwide with the methods we mentioned.


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