‘Hospital Death Camps’: Patients Are Trapped Inside, Receiving Harmful Treatments

An attorney’s recent honest statement shocked the country.

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The attorney stated that “federally-funded hospitals are ‘economically incentivized’ to keep patients hospitalized and on potentially harmful drugs, even against their will.”

“An attorney who spoke during the December 7 “Fired for Freedom” conference hosted by the Truth for Health Foundation described his work trying to rescue COVID patients from the “hospital death camps” where he said people are being kept against their will in intensive care units (ICU) receiving ineffective or even harmful medications,” Life Site News reported.

“Today is a really important day and a good day to get this out,” said international attorney and Truth for Health Legal Advisory Council member Todd Callender.

“We tend to keep running into the same scenario over and over again,” Callender said, explaining that he works with people who have been hospitalized with COVID and are then “stuck in the hospital in a variety of circumstances that don’t let them leave, which is why I call it the ICU jail.”

The attorney said the crucial rights he’s fighting to protect are the right to bodily autonomy and the right of adult Americans to choose to walk out of the hospital of their own volition if they so desire.

“First and foremost is the right of bodily autonomy,” he said. “They’re sticking all kinds of drugs and cocktails into these patients [and] sometimes they don’t even know it. It’s a medical battery for the hospital to give you a drug that you don’t want. And yet that’s happening. Second to that, and equally as important, is your right to leave the hospital.”

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