HORROR: No Jab? No Kidney Transplant!

This is basically a death sentence, if you’re considering the patient not being able to get a jab due to the fragile health state he’s in. ‘only for the hospital to deny his natural right to be next on the donor’s list and get a second chance for life – over a stupid meaningless and unproven jab mandate, that hasn’t brought any good!

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Another original brilliant report on a human tragedy that must be stopped once and for all, coming from Stew Peter.

“Shamgar Connors is a 42-year-old father of two from Stafford, Virginia. Shamgar was diagnosed with stage 5 kidney failure and is on dialysis 12 hours a day. He has been anxiously waiting on the active kidney transplant list for two years through the University of Virginia.

Since all Covid responses and vaccine mandates are designated “for your health,” Shamgar was placed on the “inactive” transplant list due to his refusal to take the Covid 19 vaccine. Being placed on the “inactive” transplant list means that if a kidney becomes available for someone to claim, they will be refused the transplant.”

In a recording with Shamgar’s doctor, whose contact information can be found here, Shamgar was informed that he will no longer be considered an “active organ transplant candidate” due to his vaccine status, to which he responded: “I would rather die of kidney failure than get the vaccine.”

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