Horrifying Claim of Tucker Carlson About The Texas Green Energy Disaster

Tucker Carlson, host of Fox News, railed against unstable renewable energy sources and the Democrats who are promoting them after Texas wind turbines froze during a winter storm Monday that proved deadly amid major power outages.

On Sunday, a polar vortex started gripping the South and Midwest, leaving states with typically mild winters unprepared, such as Texas. Texas is now a paradigm for why green energy sources are not yet a viable option, thanks to the Lone Star State’s decision to rely on wind turbines for a significant amount of its energy.

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Despite being rich in oil and natural gas, Texas now depends on wind farms to generate about one-fifth of its electricity, as Carlson pointed out Monday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” When several of those turbines were frozen by the historic cold this week, millions were left without heat at unsafe temperatures, and many people died.

“Well, the good news is all that alternative energy, as intended, seems to have had a remarkable impact on the climate,” Carlson said. The temperatures that we see in Alaska came to parts of Texas last night. They were, in essence, the same as they were in Alaska. So, in Houston, global warming is no longer a pressing issue. We have the dilemma solved.

The bad news is, there’s no electricity for them. The windmills were freezing, and so the power grid collapsed. Millions of Texans woke up on Monday morning and had to boil their water because it could not be filtered without electricity.

The Associated Press estimated that more than 2 million Texans on Monday were left without fuel. Hundreds of thousands, without light or heat, were still facing record cold temperatures as of Tuesday, KXAS-TV announced.

The Police actually located 2 men that ended up dead in Houston. Their deaths are thought to have been weather-related, the AP reported.

Why did all this happen? It’s because a state that was more than capable of heating every house, according to Carlson, and then some with plentiful fossil fuels decided not to do so.

It’s like starving to death at a grocery store, running out of energy in Texas: you can only do it on purpose, and Texas did,” he said.”

“Carlson said, “You hear those words a lot, and you’ll find that they’re all suspiciously imprecise. What do they say to you, then?

Well, they say, to begin with, higher energy prices. In case you haven’t heard, gas is up already. It will follow electricity. The poorest are affected by higher prices. There’s still inflation.

As Carlson pointed out Monday, this could have all been avoided if the ones in charge of the state’s power grid had had the abilities to get the job done properly and ensure the grid was reliable — rather than virtue signal with windmills that needed to be bailed out by fossil fuels while they were vital parts of the larger system that kept the lights on.


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