Horrific Conditions Of Jan 6 Political Prisoners Presented By One Of Their Attorneys – Sidney Powell To Join The Movement To Free Them!

When hearing this attorney’s statement, I felt the chills in my body… I imagined a movie, where some spy agents of ours are trapped in China, Russia, or North Korea…

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Attorney Joseph McBride discussed the very sensitive subject of human rights and torture in the modern democratic world in the most advanced country of the world, the USA, in the 21st century. He appeared on Newsmax and spoke with Greg Kelly this Thursday.


Joseph McBride: What I can say about the Jan. 6 protesters who remain incarcerated or detained at this point, is that their constitutional rights and human rights are being violated by the Department of Justice and the Federal Government at this very moment. The law is clear that no type of punishment is appropriate for a detainee. Despite that numerous detainees are being held in solitary confinement for long periods of time. They’re being denied medical care. They’re taking beatings. They’re being denied sleep. They’re being psychologically, emotionally, and physically tortured on a regular basis.

Greg Kelly: Was your client Richard Barnett beaten up by staff?

Joseph McBride: He absolutely was. He was beaten. He was dragged. He was hog-tied. One time his pants dropped below his ankles exposing his private parts while he was taking a beating in front of a female officer. And he had to beg and plead to pull his pants up.

No wonder that Attorney Sidney Powell decided to join in the movement for support of their families, and making stronger efforts for their release.


Ava Garcia

A small town girl, dreaming big, expecting to change the world with presenting the truthful events of the world today. Law degree with a master in criminology, and a devoted journalist for over 7 years, and counting. "The pen is mightier than the sword."

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