HIT! A New Book on What Really Happened in Wuhan

In this book, it is revealed that a Chinese defector warned the USA about the mysterious virus.

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A new book has recently shaken the world, revealing new astonishing facts about the COVID 19 virus that became the biggest thing that humanity has ever seen, after the two World Wars.

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“In this regard, the Chinese dissident, who now lives in the U.S., alerted U.S. intelligence agencies about the virus in November 2019, 6 weeks before the Chinese regime admitted an outbreak.

He also warned a U.S. politician with ties to then-President Donald Trump and Chinese human rights activist Dimon Liu.

“I talked to Dimon and some other American politicians in the House of the danger of this situation,” he said. “There were officials from the White House at that time as well. In November 2019.”

Wei wouldn’t reveal which politician he told. “I’m not sure if this politician wants me to talk about him right here,” he said. “But I want to say he is a high enough politician, high enough to be able to reach to the president of the United States.”

He also said he was “very ­worried because … whichever way the Communist regime released this virus, I felt that the West is not prepared.”

“The former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) member, who knows well its deception-based nature, wrote in the book: “In the past several decades, the CCP’s capacity to seal information is hard to be understood by you Westerners.”

Remember that it was only on Dec. 31 that the Chinese regime informed the WHO about an alleged outbreak in Wuhan but denied that the virus was contagious and only acknowledged person-to-person transmission on Jan. 20, 2020.

At that time, Chinese authorities systematically suppressed news of the Wuhan outbreak, including silencing doctors and individuals who referred to the virus that would later become known as Covid-19 (also called CCP virus).”

Social media reports of a new coronavirus didn’t emerge until late December 2019. It wasn’t until late January 2020 that the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand closed borders to travelers from China.


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