HILARIOUS: Hunter Biden Smoked ‘’Parmesan Cheese’! He Thought It Was Crack Cocaine! And Biden Said Hunter Was The Smartest Person He’s Met!

Hahaha, Biden said that Hunter was the smartest person he has ever met! This is the funniest thing I have ever heard!

He is so intelligent that he wasn’t sure whether the laptop that the stuffers used was his!

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See the video below.

All of the employees know that it was Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Now we will get back to the point where Biden praised his son, and I will share the latest humdinger story.

At this moment, Hunter is out there giving numerous interviews! He isn’t speaking about his event, but about his book!

His book represents a ‘’memoir’’ about drug abuse and his drug addiction. Also, it is a ‘’Dear diary, and I’m a poor victim ‘’ kind of book.

Hunter confesses numerous humiliating things throughout his statements, and the latest admission grasped my attention.

It is a humdinger.

Hunter admitted that he mixed parmesan cheese with crack cocaine and smoked it in front of God!

Yep, this has said the ‘’smartest man Biden has ever met.’’

See the Breitbart report.

”President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden admitted during a CBS News interview that he smoked Parmesan cheese after mistaking it for crack cocaine during the height of his addiction.

Reporter Tracy Smith said, “You wake up some mornings — I shouldn’t even say some mornings because you slept 15 minutes at a time and be looking for crack and to smoke whatever was there?”

Biden said: “I spent more time on my hands and knees picking through rugs smoking anything that resembled crack cocaine. I probably smoked more Parmesan cheese than anyone – than anyone you know, Tracy.”

Smith said, “Because there would will be crumbs mixed in?”

Biden said, “Yeah, I went one time for 13 days without sleeping, and smoking crack, and drinking vodka exclusively throughout that entire time.”

A person smoking a crack pipe filled with Parm represents our President’s idol.

You can see Hunter’s confession below.


Wayne Dupree Breitbart

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