Higher Vaccination Rate – More COVID-19 Cases! Why We Have C-19 Outbreaks Where We Have High Vaccination Rate?

The C-19 pandemic can’t calm down, and it isn’t following the logical proportions, but it is happening precisely the contrary of what the doctors predicted. Covid-19 cases are increasing alongside vaccination rates. This trend firstly happened in Israel, then in the UK, and now in the US.

Currently, Israel faces a fourth wave, which the doctors try to calm down with a booster shot.

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The UK.

The USA.

The US has a different vaccination rate. Two examples of high vaccination rates are California and Washington. California has strict covid-19 rules, mask, and vaccine mandate. Regardless of the high vaccination rate in California, it experienced a C-19 wave in August, with a higher death rate.

It’s the same case with Washington. The rates will be higher within the upcoming weeks.

How much immunity is enough?

We have two types of immunity, vaccinated and natural.

It seems that 83% of the population has immunity. The CDC study shows that there were 120 million people who contracted with COVID-19 but didn’t know it, and 41 million were being reported. Regarding the Delta wave, the number will reach 150 million people.

“Since the start of the pandemic, the figure that many epidemiologists have offered has been 60 to 70 percent,” the NY Times originally reported in December. “That range is still cited by the World Health Organization and is often repeated during discussions of the future course of the disease.”

“In the pandemic’s early days, Dr. Fauci tended to cite the same 60 to 70 percent estimate that most experts did,” the Times went on. “About a month ago, he began saying ’70, 75 percent in television interviews. And last week, in an interview with CNBC News, he said ’75, 80, 85 percent and ’75 to 80-plus percent.”

Dr. Fauci stated that natural immunity doesn’t exist, and we who that it is a lie. The NIAID Director wants the US to have a vaccination rate of more than 80%.

One blogger reported:

The current surge in Covid deaths is caused by the vaccinated.

The Covid vaccines are extremely leaky and may well accelerate contracting and carrying Covid.

They allow for very high viral loads to go unnoticed and generate a new and severe asymptomatic spread vector to where none existed before.

The high viral loads lead to greater contagion. they may lead to greater severity (but this data is iffy and contested).

Vaccine campaigns cause superspread events because vaccination leads to a 2 week window of 40-100% more covid risk that then gets counted as “unvaccinated” because the definitions are bad.

This combination makes those vaccinated with one dose or more into superspread bombs.

Do you remember the Texas Democrats/ Barack Obama’s B-day part? People were fully vaccinated there and gathered to celebrate the birthday. Later in August, the CDC changed the story and shared that the vaccinated population can spread the Delta variant.

You get a surge of spread… and then you get the later breakthrough cases (because the vaccines do not stop infection and just mitigate severity).

These BT [breakthrough] cases have massively high VL [viral loads] in often asymptomatic superspreaders that pass on high loading doses to the unvaccinated and greatly worsen the overall pandemic.

This further inflates apparent VE  [vaccine efficacy] by subjecting the unvaccinated to a more profligate and severe disease vector than they would have been had no vaccination campaign ever been undertaken.

It moves the whole system to a a different valence.

Perversely, if the vaccinated comprise a spread vector that accelerates deaths in the unvaccinated, that would make it look like vaccines work.

Ouch. (Told you you weren’t going to like it).

I want to stress, this is a hypothesis and a work in progress. It’s just the best fit to the facts I can find right now and I REALLY hope it’s wrong because if it’s right, this vaccination campaign is probably the worst health blunder in human history and the epidemiology and politics of that will get stunningly, surreally bad.

But if this hypothesis proves out, then calling this an ‘epidemic of the unvaccinated’ is 180 degrees wrong.

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