High School Kids in Jail for Protesting COVID-19 Vaccination

One of the two 18-year-old high school students said, “I believe a 12-year-old is not capable of making the decision to obtain a vaccine.”

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, Canada (LifeSiteNews) — On June 10, 2021, SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, Canada (LifeSiteNews) — As a result of his outspoken position against the coercive selling of COVID-19 vaccines to youngsters, a teen boy was imprisoned twice.

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The 18-year-old, whose complete name has been revealed to LifeSiteNews, desires to be referred to in print as “Evan Freedom.”

Evan, a Nutana Collegiate Grade 12 student, informed LifeSite that on the morning of May 20, a school official escorted him out of his classroom and escorted him to an office, where he was arrested and handcuffed by two officers from the Saskatoon Police Service. He was whisked away through a back door, escorted to a police station, fingerprinted, photographed, and held in a holding cell for over six hours.

Evan stated, “I was completely taken aback.” “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

Last summer, he began investigating reports regarding the coronavirus, which launched his young career as a freedom activist. He said, “It simply felt sketchy to me.”

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On the other hand, Evan only started attending anti-lockdown protests and openly speaking out against masks, lockdown limitations, and the experimental COVID-19 vaccines two months ago. He attended his first independence rally in Regina, Saskatchewan, in late April. A few days later, he met Cody Kuntz, an 18-year-old adolescent freedom campaigner, at a children’s-only freedom protest.

They were two of the four children that spoke. In early May, Evan continued to attend independence rallies in various Saskatchewan communities. Then, on May 11, Evan, Cody, and a third boy took part in two protests that landed them in hot water with the cops.
The lads went inside to see how teachers would respond if they weren’t wearing masks, spurred on by students at Saskatoon’s Tommy Douglas Collegiate, to whom Evan and Cody were discussing COVID-19 management. Evan and Cody both told LifeSiteNews that they were only there for a few minutes.

He wrote, “I have the same charges as him: three counts of mischief over $5,000 and one count of disturbing the peace by shouting.”

Evan claims that three elementary schools were put on lockdown as a result of their protests; however, LifeSiteNews has been unable to confirm that any schools were closed down.

Evan’s release was contingent on him not communicating with his friend Cody “directly or indirectly,” a point Evan is quick to emphasize, because later attending the same rallies as Cody — they had stood back-to-back without speaking to each other, Evan said — resulted in his second arrest on May 28.

He said, “That happened in school as well.” “I took a break outside in the afternoon. A Resource [police attached to schools] car and a Resource officer were parked next to it. They were giggling, and I was giggling back because I was joking that they were probably looking for me. Then I noticed Constable Amy’s car, which had two officers in it.”


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