High School Band Practice Photo Went Viral! Why Is This So Wrong???

Schools are packing kids and instruments in “suitcases”!!!!

From the school archive, one photo leaked. The majority of the viewers were highly disturbed.
Of course, if you are sane, this photo will be insane to you. But, if you are insane, this photo will be OK for you!

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This photo from Washington high school band practice will improve your day!- If you are insane!

Now, let’s speak for those sane people.
We cannot invent so many words to describe how sick, shameful, disgusting this picture is. How can do such things to the children? What will their families say once they see this?

Besides, we share the picture that leaked, and it is from the Wenatchee local news site. Here you will see how children return to in-person learning. We cannot hide their happiness.

During the pandemic outbreak, suicides and drug abuse are increasing, and everything results from the person’s mental health. The lockdowns will ruin everyone’s lives.

People can’t believe what is happening. Once they saw the Wenatchee high school band practice photo massively commented.

Below you can see the pictures that horrified the people.

The children are packed in plastic suitcases, together with their instruments!!!

If this is an improvement, what should we expect deterioration to look like?

We are those who destroy children’s lives and their mental health.

Below we present you some of the comments on this topic.

  • “No. Those are people with mental disorders.”
  • “Enough of this insanity!”
  • “We ate in a restaurant tonight, and there was a family of four sitting at a table inside wearing their masks and actually pulling them down to take a bite each time. You can’t make this stuff up; if you are afraid, please stay home.”
  • “This type of thing is the exact reason why we are looking on moving out of WA and going to Texas!”
  • “That can’t be real. If it is, then that’s abuse.”
  • “Omg. At their age… 99. Survival rate. We need to stop hurting our young people.”
  • “That adults, government, teachers or parents, would abuse young people like this is unimaginable.”
  • “The world has gone mad.”
  • ‘They making everyone look like idiots. Someone, please tell me how this is helpful? Y’all are traumatizing these kids. Keeping every1 in a constant fear. Wake up! We are better than this..”
  • “Somebody, somewhere, is conspiring to humiliate the general public, and they’re succeeding. Forget the rules. Which idiot thought that this was acceptable? The virtuous blow my mind with their gullibility.’

This is mental abuse! I will never allow my children to be abused this way!

Wayne Dupree

Addison Wilson

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