Here’s Your Positive Proof: We Have a Two-Tiered Legal System in Place to Eliminate “MAGA”

BLM and Antifa rioters have a lot in common with the January 6th rioters. However, they are not responsible for the repercussions of their acts. Rioters in New York City are walking free because a hard-left District Attorney shares their views. In DC, rioters are being jailed because their ideology differs from that of the authorities.

For the hard left, there is one justice, and for the extreme right, there is another. Both should face charges. Why is there a pass in New York City? The local district attorney is preparing to prosecute former President Trump.

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According to a source, hundreds of people detained and prosecuted during last summer’s rallies, which became a practically nightly event in the weeks after George Floyd’s murder, have had their looting charges dismissed by New York City district attorneys in Manhattan and the Bronx. After more than 485 arrests were made during the looting that swept the borough in early June, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. hasn’t moved forward with prosecuting cases, despite the fact that many suspects were captured on surveillance footage pillaging stores – and others more brazenly bragged about looting in videos shared on social media.

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According to WNBC, Vance Jr.’s office has shelved 222 of the looting charges in favor of constructing a case against the Trump Organization on allegations of tax, loan, and insurance fraud. According to NYPD records, there have been 73 convictions for minor offenses such as trespassing that do not deserve jail time; 128 cases are still pending, and another 40 cases involving kids have been assigned to family court. Crowds engaged in what authorities have described as planned property damage at the storefronts of upscale designers in Manhattan, with officers and emergency services crews following behind them, and at one point, people were even seen participating in a ‘looting dance party’ on the streets of SoHo.

Jessica Betancourt, the owner of a looted store, described the figures as “disgusting.” She is the vice president of a local merchants organization and told WNBC that she was “completely astounded” that “everything is being pushed off.” They may do it again because they know they will not receive the appropriate punishment.”

Former NYPD Chief of Patrol Wilbur Chapman told the press, “If they (the D.A.’s office) are so overloaded that they can’t handle the mission that they’re paid for, then maybe they should find another line of business.” “It permitted criminals to get away with their crimes.”

According to the Justice Department, 465 DC rioters have been detained on crimes linked to the Capitol assault in the 150 days since Jan. 6, including over 130 people accused with violence against Capitol Police or delaying law enforcement. Only a small percentage of those are being produced in New York. This isn’t fair to everyone. This is politically motivated justice in order to achieve a political goal.



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