Here’s Why Mitch Suddenly Changed His Tune on President Trump

Although all of Washington is run by the Democrats, it seems they do not have as much influence as they would like. His fanbase continues to expand even with their most recent attacks on former President Donald Trump. No matter what the left throws at him, there’s nothing that can interrupt what Trump began 4 years ago.

A recent poll now reveals that even Republicans are prepared to vacate their party if Trump were to launch his own.

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The survey, conducted by The Hill-HarrisX, found that if Trump were to launch his own, a whopping 64 percent of Republicans said they would abandon the party. Another 32% said they were “very likely” to abandon the party if Trump went ahead with his pledge and began what some call the Patron.

But what are the chances of bringing an actual fourth party into the political system? If there’s something Trump has to say about it, really high up. Trump riled up the American people in one of his speeches as POTUS, saying, “As I prepare to hand over power to a new administration at noon on Wednesday, I want you to know that the revolution we began is only just beginning.”

Nothing like it has ever been there. The conviction that a country must represent its people will not diminish, but will only grow stronger by the day. As long as the American people have intense and committed love of the country in their hearts, there is nothing that this nation can not accomplish.

Looks like this may be why Mitch is “bowing” to President Trump now.

On the verge of total failure, the GOP is literally teetering.

That wasn’t the only time the President had proposed starting a faction of his own. Trump vowed to be back in some sort, shape, or fashion during his final speech at Joint Base Andrews. Although what he was referring to has yet to be seen, many believe the former president is waiting for the right moment, especially given that he may be facing another impeachment.

Speaking to the Hill, Dritan Nesho, HarrisX CEO, was surprised by the figures, but the Republican party also had a surprising revelation. “If Trump were to break from the GOP and create his own faction, polling shows that he might well create the nation’s second largest political party, knocking the GOP down to third position,” he said.

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